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Political Timeline

Apr.2018Truss branded the Conservatives the party of the gig economy, warning that Labour will ban start-ups such as Uber, Deliveroo and AirBnB, or stifle them with regulation so they fail, pointing to Sadiq Khan's battle with Uber. This caused the ride-hailing app to lose its license, a decision the company is now appealing. Transport for London (TfL) criticised the firm's record on reporting criminal... [1]
Mar.2018Ms Truss does not think formal qualifications are necessary for teachers in Free Schools, or nurses in hospitals, and attacked teachers, doctors and lawyers for "constantly lobbying to put barriers up to prevent new people joining them".[2]
Oct.2016Iain Dale's "100 most influential people on the Right" said "Her appointment to Justice was, shall we say, one of the more jaw-dropping of the reshuffle. Another square peg in a round hole role, we fear".[3]



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