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In May.2018, Freedom of the Press Foundation launched their latest project Freedom of the Press Foundation#Sunder, a tool in development that divides secrets into pieces distributed among multiple participants. Until a quorum of participants agrees to combine their shares (the number is configurable, eg., 5 out of 8), the individual parts are not sufficient to gain access to the information. Sunder is still in development, and we are actively seeking community feedback—especially from media organizations and activists.


Using our anonymous whistleblower submission system Freedom of the Press Foundation#SecureDrop safely and securely is imperative to protect sources, but can be burdensome for journalists. Freedom of the Press Foundation is sponsoring the development of a prototype of a new SecureDrop workstation based on Qubes, a free and open source operating system that separates activity into different domains. We are hopeful that this transition could improve user experience and while preserving and enhancing security.

Edward Snowden


  • Apr.20.2018: Whistleblower doctor Peter Duffy accused of racism. Peter Duffy, a consultant NHS surgeon voted “doctor of the year” was forced to resign after being accused of racism by 3 Asian colleagues about whom he had raised concerns, a tribunal was told. Duffy said that he had been the subject of a witch-hunt for 10 years after he blew the whistle in 2005 on fellow doctors. He claimed that one had missed an operation on a patient with suspected gangrene because he was playing golf. He alleged that two other colleagues from south Asia had been involved in possible overtime fraud. He resigned from University Hospitals Morecambe Bay NHS Trust in July 2016 claiming that £36,000 had been cut from his annual £200,000 salary amid unproven allegations about overtime claims. The trust denies constructive dismissal. Mr Duffy, who now works on the Isle of Man, said he should have received protection as a whistleblower. He is being advised by the charity Public Concern at Work. Jack Malvern, The Times.
  • 2018.01.21: Whistleblower suing Ernst & Young over gold dealings with Dubai firm. Sacked auditor says he was branded a troublemaker after telling bosses of his concerns about the Kaloti group. The Guardian, Jamie Doward
    • "Accounting multinational EY joins the ranks of employers who attack whistleblowers; yet another Big 4 firm with a rotten corporate culture" [@JEChristensen56]
  • 2018.01.21: Ian Fraser states #whistleblowers speaking up in the #UK against the Banks is like signing a death warrant. @BankConfidenti1
  • 2018.01.20: It's very simple if you protect the #whistleblower you will protect the public from wrongdoing from the banks. Brilliantly articulated by Norman Lamb at @APPGbanking #grg debate. @BankConfidential (HoC Video)
  • 2018.01.16: Financial Regulator Failed Whistleblower It Named to RBS And Denied Bresh, says new decision. The City Watchdog should apologise to a whistleblower it named to the Royal Bank of Scotland, according to a review by the Complaints Commission today. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) named Mark Wright, an RBS employee and whistleblower, after he approached them with a query in 2013. The decision comes amidst a fraught few months for the FCA, following its handling of the RBS Global Restructuring Group (GRG) case – a turnaround unit that asset stripped small businesses and sent many into bankruptcy as a result of increased fees or deliberate pressure from the bank. Real Media

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