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Civitas, formally the "Institute for the Study of Civil Society", is a Westminster-based think-tank, founded as an offshoot of the Institute of Economic Affairs in Aug.2000.

NHS: Civitas advocates market-based reform of the NHS, particularly a bigger role for the private sector, who should be entitled to access private NHS pensions.

Brexit: Although not directly involved in the 2016 referendum, Civitas regularly pumped out "research" during the 2010s promoting opposition to continued British membership of the EU, written by director David GreenPowerbase-graphic.svg, and Michael Burrage.[3]


  • 2007: The Centre for Social Cohesion was established in 2007 by Douglas Murray. Civitas provided it with £274,669 and £284,673 in 2008. Former donors to the Centre for Social Cohesion accounted for a significant proportion of HJS's income in the years after the CSC merged with the HJS (Apr.2011).ref, p.64. See Henry Jackson Society § Centre for Social Cohesion.
  • Aug.2000: Civitas: The Health and Welfare Unit was relaunched as "Civitas", The Institute for the Study of Civil Society.ref,ref
  • Oct.1986:
    The Institute of Economic Affairs established a "Health and Welfare Unit" to focus on the IEA's economic ideas within four areas: health, welfare, education and the family.ref,ref The Unit was headed by David GreenPowerbase-graphic.svg.


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