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Pernod Ricard is a French company that produces alcoholic beverages, and is the world’s second-largest wine and spirits seller.[1] The group has 93 production sites worldwide.[Jun.2018]

Sales: Europe: 31.1%; Americas: 28.3%; Asia/Rest of the World: 40.6%.

  • 62.6%: International spirits and champagnes: Absolut; Jameson; Ballantine's; Havana Club; Ricard; Chivas Regal; Malibu; Beefeater; Martell; and Other; The Glenlivet, Royal Salute, Mumm and Perrier-Jouët.
  • 19.1%: Local spirits: Imperial Blue, Wyborowa Wodka, Kahlúa, Pastis 51, 100 Pipers, Olmeca, Clan Campbell, J.P. Wiser's, Ramazzotti, Royal Stag, etc.
  • 5.3%: Wines: Jacob's Creek, Kenwood Vineyards, Brancott Estate and Campo Viejo.
  • 13%: Other.


Pernod Ricard USA's leading brands include Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky, Seagram's Extra Dry Gin, Malibu flavored Rum, Stolichnaya Vodkas, Jameson Irish Whiskey, The Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Wild Turkey Bourbon, Beefeater Gin, Hiram Walker Liqueurs and Martell Cognac, Jacob's Creek and Brancott Estate wines, Perrier Jouët Champagne, Mumm Champagne and Mumm Napa wines, and Pernod and Ricard Liquors.(2007).ref, Brands

  • Kahlúa is a coffee-flavored Mexican liqueur, containing rum, sugar, vanilla bean, and arabica coffee. Website, KahlúaWikipedia-W.svg
  • Plymouth Gin has been produced by the Black Friars Distillery in Plymouth since 1793. Acquired in Jul.2008 via Sweden's Vin & Sprit group.ref Weirdly, Plymouth Gin is not mentioned on Pernod Ricard's global website - only on its Czech one.Website, Plymouth GinWikipedia-W.svg



Total float: 74.6%
Source: MarketScreener.svg, Mar.2020


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  • Aug.2012: Dunkin' Brands Group Inc became completely independent of the private equity firms.ref
  • Jul.2011: Dunkin' Brands Group Inc was floated on the NASDAQ Global Select Market.
  • Nov.2007: Dunkin' Brands Group Inc sold Togo's Eateries Inc to Mainsail Partners, a San Francisco-based private equity firm, in partnership with Tony Gioia, a former president of Baskin-Robbins.ref

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  • 2010: Harveys of Bristol was sold to Beam Global Spirits & Wine Inc. (Nov.2015: sold to Grupo Emperador Spain SA, a subsidiary of the Alliance Global Group holding company.)
  • Jul.2008: Vin & Sprit Group: Pernod Ricard won the Swedish govt's auction. Brands acquired: Absolut, Plymouth Gin, ... ref Website, Plymouth GinWikipedia-W.svg
  • Mar.2006: Dunkin' Brands Inc was sold to a consortium of private equity firms consisting of Bain Capital, the Carlyle Group and Thomas H Lee Partners LP.ref,[2] Dunkin' Brands Inc was renamed "Dunkin' Brands Group Inc" after the transaction.ref

  • Dec.2005: Pernod Ricard announced that it had agreed to sell the restaurant businesses (Dunkin' Brands) to a consortium of three US private equity firms (Thomas H Lee Partners, the Carlyle Group and Bain Capital LLP). The sale completed in Mar.2006.ref
  • Dec.2005: Britvic plc was formed by its major shareholders: InterContinental Hotels Group, Whitbread and Pernod Ricard, PepsiCo (5%), and floated.ref
  • Jul.2005: Allied Domecq plc was acquired. Overlapping spirits brands were sold off to US-based competitor Fortune Brands Inc and British-based multinational Diageo.ref
  • Jul.2005: Allied Domecq was (partially?) acquired by Pernod Ricard, backed by USA-based Fortune Brands.ref Overlapping spirits brands were sold to co-bidder Fortune Brands Inc (now Beam Suntory Inc), and Diageo plc.ref Pernod kept Ballantine's whisky, Malibu, Tia Maria and Kahlua, as well as most of the wine and champagne portfolio. Fortune absorbed Maker's Mark, Canadian Club, Sauza tequila, Courvoisier and Californian wine label Clos du Bois.ref As part of the deal, Pernod Ricard had to sell off some brands, and Lamb’s was acquired by Corby Distilleries, which became an affiliate of Pernod Ricard by virtue of the Allied Domecq purchase.ref
  • Dec.2004: Dunkin' Brands Inc: Allied Domecq Quick Service Restaurants was renamed and rebranded, with an "eat-drink-think" tagline.ref
  • Nov.2001: Karlovarská Becherovka: Pernod Ricard acquired the remaining 70% shareholding.ref
  • ?date?: Montana, the leading New Zealand wine producer, was acquired. Also purchased German spirits group Kuemmerling; followed by Spain's largest wine producer, Bodegas y Bebidas.
  • 2000: The group won distribution rights for Stolichnaya in the US, after expiry of Diageo's license; then acquired leading champagne brands Mumm and Perrier Jouet, which had been sold off by the Seagram Company Ltd in 1999. They also acquired Malibu Rum brand from Diageo, as well as sparkling wine Mumm Cuvee Napa, reuniting the Mumm portfolio under one roof.

  • 2004: Tetley was dropped from the Carlsberg-Tetley name. The company is now called Carlsberg UK Ltd and is a part of Carlsberg AS group.ref

Pernod Ricard SA

  • 2008: V&S Vin & Sprit AB, including the Absolut Vodka brand, was purchased from the Swedish Govt.ref
  • 2005: Allied Domecq was acquired.
  • Jun.2001: Orangina Pampryl: Pernod Ricard agreed to sell its soft drinks business to Cadbury Schweppes, in order to concentrate on its fast-growing wine and spirits brands. Brands sold: Orangina, Pampryl, Champomy and Yoo-Hoo.ref,ref The European Commission authorised the acquisition in Oct.2001.
  • 2001: Seagram's Wines and Spirits: Pernod Ricard (38%) joined with Diageo (61.4%) to buy an $8bn drinks portfolio from Seagram, which has left the market to focus on its entertainment interests.ref Brands: Captain Morgan rum, 7 Crown, Chivas Regal, Absolut, Crown Royal, Glenlivet whisky (?who ended up with which brands?).ref (2006: Orangina-Pampryl Group and Schweppes France merger: The Orangina-Schweppes Group was born via Blackstone + Lion Capital LLP.ref,ref 2009: Suntory Group buys the Orangina-Schweppes Group.ref)
  • 1998: Pernod Ricard acquired the remainder of the shares in Domecq.ref
  • 1997: Karlovarská Becherovka, a Czech firm, was privatised by the Czech govt. Pernod Ricard acquired a 30% stake.ref
  • 1993: Pernod Ricard works with Cuban companies to create Havana Club International.
  • 1989: Orlando Wyndham, makers of Jacob's Creek), was acquired.
  • 1988: Irish Distillers was acquired, including Jameson Irish whiskeys.
  • 1975: Pernod Ricard SA: old rivals Pernod and Ricard merged.

Allied Domecq plc

  • Jul.2005: Pernod Ricard acquired Allied Domecq.[3][4]
  • Jun.1999: Allied began the process of selling its huge 3,600+ pub estate, as well as its 25% stake in joint venture Britvic. After some internecine warfare between Whitbread and Bass-backed Punch Taverns, complicated by the UK regulators, Punch Taverns got it for a song.ref The deal included Allied Domecq's 50% holding in First Quench Retailing Ltd.ref
  • 1999: Panrico: the group's last food manufacturing interest was sold, when its 50% share in Spanish bakery business Panrico was sold to management.
  • 1999: Cantrell & Cochrane Ltd was sold to private equity firm BC Partners.
  • Mid-1988: Cantrell & Cochrane Ltd: Allied Domecq purchased the 49.6% stake in the Irish drinks company it did not already own from Guinness plc (merged with Grand Metropolitan in 1997 to form Diageo plc).
  • Aug.1998: First Quench Retailing: Allied Domecq merged its off-licence business Victoria Wine with Whitbread's Thresher chain to form a 50/50 joint venture.[5] ToDo: Victoria Wine's origins
  • Aug.1997: Togo's Eateries Inc, a deli-style sandwich shop, was acquired from its founder.[6]
  • 1997: Carlsberg: The Department of Trade & Industry blocked the merger, and ordered Bass to divest itself of the Carlsberg-Tetley shares. Carslberg bought them, thus becoming fully independent; it then dropped the "Tetley" from its name.
  • Aug.1996: Carlsberg-Tetley: Allied Domecq sold its 50% share to Bass Brewers. The plan was to merge the two companies, with Bass owning 80% and Carlsberg 20%.[7] UK competition authorities later ruled against the deal, forcing Bass to sell on the shares to Carlsberg in 1997.
  • 1996: Lyons Irish Tea was sold to Unilever plc. Lyons Tea (Ireland)Wikipedia-W.svg
  • Jul.1995: Tetley Tea was sold to Karand Ltd, a management buyout vehicle.[8] (Feb.2000: bought by Tata Group,[9])
  • Feb.1995: Lyons Bakery Ltd, maker of Lyons Cakes, Sara Lee, Bramley Apple Pies, Swiss Roll, Battenberg, Grannies Cake, etc., was sold to Tomkins plc, then owner of Ranks Hovis McDougall. Lyons Bakery ended up as part of RHM's subsidiary Manor Bakeries Ltd, which also makes Mr Kipling's Cakes.[10],[11],ref,[12]
  • Dec.1994: Lyons Biscuits Ltd was sold to Hillsdown Holdings plc.[13]
  • Apr.1994: Allied Domecq Quick Service Restaurants: Allied Lyons' restaurant operations - Dunkin' Donuts, Mister Donut, Baskin-Robbins + (later) Togo's - were merged into one subsidiary.arch-link,arch-link
  • Sept.1994: Allied Domecq plc: as a result of the acquisition, Allied Lyons changed its name. The decision was made to focus solely on its sprits, wine and retailing operations, and to divest the food manufacturing holdings. The remaining holdings were separated into 2 divisions: Allied Domecq Spirits & Wine, and Allied Domecq Retailing.

Allied Lyons plc

  • Mar.1994: Pedro Domecq SA was acquired; Allied Lyons already held a 32% stake.ref,ref,arch-link Pedro Domecq brands included Presidente, Don Pedro, Fundador and Centenario brandies; Sauzar tequila; and La Ina sherry.ref
  • 1992: Carlsberg-Tetley plc: Allied Lyons' brewery business was merged with Carlsberg to form a 50/50 joint venture. Allied Lyons used the resulting funds to acquire a controlling 73% stake in Domecq, their Spanish partners in Hiram Walker Europa.ref
  • Jan.1992: Gaymer Group: the William Gaymer cider business was demerged via a management buyout. In Nov.1994, Gaymer Group was acquired by Matthew Clark plc. In 1998, Matthew Clark was acquired by Constellation Brands. In 2010, Matthew Clark sold the Gaymer business to C&C Group plc.
  • 1992: Lyons Maid, maker of ice cream and ice lolly products, fell on very hard times. The receivers sold its barely-breathing remnants to Clarke Foods,ref acquired by Nestlé the same year.
  • Aug.1990: Ready Brek cereal was sold to Weetabix Ltd.
  • Feb.1990: Mister Donut was acquired by Dunkin' Donuts' parent company, Allied Lyons plc, from International Multifoods Corporation.[14][15] (IMC was acquired by the The JM Smucker Company in 2004.[16])
  • Jan.1990: Dunkin' Donuts business in the USA was acquired from William RosenbergWikipedia-W.svg, its founder.ref
  • 1990: Lyons Biscuits Ltd: Symbol Biscuits was renamed.ref
  • 1989: Whitbread's spirits division was acquired for the Allied Vintners division. Brands: Beefeater, Long John and Laphroaig.ref
  • 1989: Dunkin' Donuts was acquired from William RosenbergWikipedia-W.svg, its founder, and added to the J Lyons retails ops division.
  • 1987: Hiram Walker-Gooderham & Worts Ltd, a Canadian distiller and owner of Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd, Canada's 2nd-largest distillery, was acquired. Brands: Canadian Club whisky, Beefeater Gin, Courvoisier cognac, Cutty Sark and Ballantine's scotch, Drambuie and Kahlua.ref Gooderham and WortsWikipedia-W.svg
  • 1984: Lamb's Navy Rum, a sugar-cane based Caribbean rum, became part of the Allied Lyons portfolio.
  • 1984: Orangina was acquired.ref
  • 1982: SA Schonbrunn, a coffee company in New Jersey, USA, was acquired through Tetley, a wholly-owned subsidiary. Schonbrunn brands: Savarin, Medaglia d'Oro, El Pico.[1]
  • 1978: Allied Lyons: Allied Breweries merged with J Lyons and Co., the food and catering group.[2][3]ref Allied-Lyons restructured itself into 3 main divisions: Allied Breweries (brewing and pub-operations); Allied Vintners (wine and spirits); and J Lyons (retail operations such as Baskin-Robbins).

ToDo: ♦ About Us: Corporate History. Dunkin Brands. Original archived on Apr.23.2013."International Directory of Company Histories, Vol.1.", Ed: Jay P Pederson, St James Press: Chicago, Illinois, 1988, ISBN: 978-1558623934

Allied Breweries

  • 1978: Allied Lyons: Allied Breweries merged with the food and catering group J Lyons and Co.
  • 1976: Teacher & Sons was bought by Allied Breweries,ref
  • 1971: BritVic: British Vitamin Products Company changed its name.[?ref?]
  • 1968: Showerings, Vine Products & Whiteways Ltd was acquired by Allied Breweries. Brands: Gaymer Cider Company, Vine Products, Whiteways, John Harvey & Sons/Harveys of Bristol (Harveys Bristol Cream), and Britvic. Britvic became a division of Allied Breweries.
  • 1968: Cantrell & Cochrane was merged by its parent Guinness with the Irish soft drinks operations of Allied Breweries.
  • 1966: Harveys of Bristol Ltd was bought out by Showerings, Vine Products & Whiteways Ltd.
  • ?date?: British Vitamin Products Company was acquired by Showerings.
  • 1961: Showerings, Vine Products & Whiteways Ltd: Showerings merged with 3 wine and spirits companies: William Gaymer, Vine Products and Whiteways.ref
  • 1961: Allied Breweries Ltd: 3 leading brewers merged. The trio were Ind Coope (est. 1799), Tetley Walker (a 1960 merger of Leeds-based Tetley, est. 1822, with Walker Cain) and Ansells (est. 1881 nr Birmingham). Each ran a large pub estate alongside their breweries and, as a result, Allied Breweries became at a stroke one of the country's biggest manufacturers and retailers of beer.ref,ref
  • 1959: Showerings was listed as a public company.
  • 1953: BabyCham was invented by Francis ShoweringWikipedia-W.svg, whose family business brewed beer and cider.
  • 1949: Britvic: the British Vitamin Products Co. started producing fruit juices in 1938; it now commenced marketing them under the Britvic nbame.ref
  • 1905: British Vitamin Products Company was founded.ref

ToDo: Showerings, p.205, British Vitamin Products LtdOpenCorporates-sm.svg

J Lyons & Company

  • Aug.1978: Allied Lyons was formed by the merger between Allied Breweries and J Lyons and Company.ref Lyons was slowly broken up and the bits sold off.
  • 1977/1978: The last trading year for an independent J Lyons & Co. On Jul.28.1978, Allied Breweries offered to buy the company.ref
  • 1977: Lyons' Corner Houses were closed down.[?ref?]
  • Dec.1976: Wimpy Hamburgers was sold to United Biscuits (now owned by Famous Brands Ltd,ref,ref).ref
  • Dec.1973: Baskin-Robbins was acquired from United Brands Company, plus all public stock.ref
  • 1973: Tetley & Company was acquired from Beech-Nut Life Savers Inc of New York, which had acquired it from the Tetley family in 1961.ref,ref
  • Oct.1964: English Electric LEO Company: Lyons sold its 50% stake to the English Electric Company Ltd.
  • 1963: Lyons Maid: Lyons acquired Eldorado of Liverpool, the 4th largest ice cream manufacturer in Britain, and rebranded its ice cream business as Lyons Maid.ref
  • 1963: English Electric LEO Company, a joint venture, was formed by the merger of LEO Computers Ltd with English Electric Company Ltd's computer interests.ref
  • 1961: Lyons sold its confectionery subsidiary to Callard & Bowser.ref
  • 1960s: Control: J Lyons & Company was losing money, but remained under the control of the Salmon and Gluckstein families. In 1967 there were still 16 Salmons and Glucksteins in senior positions.ref
  • 1957: Ready Brek was launched as an instant porridge; and as an instant hot cereal in 1968.
  • 1956: Maryland Cookies were introduced.
  • 1954: LEO Computers Ltd was formed to build computers, sold worldwide.ref LEO Computers Ltd: initially intended for in-house use only, the machine caused such a stir that a company was formed to build the machines. Computers were exported to Australia, South Africa and Czechoslovakia when this was still behind the 'Iron Curtain'.ref
  • May.1954: Wimpy Hamburgers: Lyons introduced the American-style hamburger chain to Britain when it opened a Wimpy franchise in the basement of a Lyons tea shop on 277 Oxford Street.ref Wimpy was one of Lyons' first ventures into fast food.ref Initially operated under licence, Wimpy Grills Inc. of Chicago later formed a joint company with Lyons called Wimpy's International Inc. in 1957.ref
  • 1951: Lyons Electronic Office I (LEO I) was designed and built to handle the company's accounts and logistics.ref
  • 1938: Bee Bee Biscuit Company was acquired. In 1944, its name was changed to Symbol Biscuits Ltd.
  • 1925: Lyons Maid, a brand of ice-creams and ice-lollies, was created.[?ref?]
  • 1918: Horniman & Sons and Black & Green of Manchester were acquired to increase market share in the north of England.ref
  • 1909: Lyons' Corner Houses, a chain of teashops noted for their art deco style, was launched.ref, J. Lyons and Co. § Corner HousesWikipedia-W.svg
  • 1895: soon after the first teashops were opened, Lyons began packing tea. The Tea Department became one of the largest and profitable departments of the company.ref
  • 1894: J Lyons & Company Ltd was founded as a teashop in Piccadilly, London.ref, p.160 It went on to become a restaurant chain, food manufacturing, and hotel conglomerate. J. Lyons and Co.Wikipedia-W.svg
  • 1887: The Salmon and Gluckstein families funded the start of the business, and totally controlled it. When the original directors died, their children continued to hold all the senior positions. It was a nepotistic style of management which remained unyielding right up until the 1980s and, in part, was one of the factors which led to the company's decline.ref

ToDo: J Lyons & Co., link, link

Pedro Domecq SA

  • 1936: Kahlúa began to be produced by Pedro Domecq.
  • 1725: Pedro Domecq SA was set up in the UK, where it produced brand and sherry until 1994, Allied Domecq plc: when it merged with Allied Lyons to form Allied Domecq plc.Pedro DomecqWikipedia-W.svg.


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