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Colonel Timothy Thomas Cyril "Tim" Collins, OBE[1] (born 30th of April 1960) is a retired Northern Irish military officer in the British Army. He is best known for his role in the Iraq War in 2003, and his inspirational eve-of-battle speech, a copy of which apparently hung in the White House's Oval Office. He is currently Chairman (and co-founder) of intelligence-based security services company New Century.

New Century has established a unique position in the market for capacity building and security sector support services since its foundation in 2006. We have various offices, including London and Washington DC, with a deployment footprint worldwide. Our experts are drawn from law enforcement, intelligence, military and policy-making communities. Their common goal is to create a stable and secure environment in which politics, business and people can thrive.

The firm has offices in the UK and in the USA.



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    Chairman: Colonel #Tim Collins is co-founder of New Century. A counter-insurgency expert, he served in both Gulf wars and has led Special Forces operations around the world. As Operations Officer of 22 SAS and then Commanding Officer of the 1st Battalion, Royal Irish Regiment, Tim worked closely with the Special Branch of the Royal Ulster Constabulary, honing the skills which he today deploys for New Century. He came to international prominence with an inspirational eve of battle speech in Iraq in 2003, the words of which were hung in the Oval Office of the White House.
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    Michael Grunberg, Chief Executive Officer. Michael is co-founder and CEO of New Century, with responsibility for the company’s commercial development and oversight of its operations. He has been a key figure in the security arena since the 1990s, providing security programmes to countries recovering from conflict and those with emerging economies. He began his consultancy career working with blue chip companies such as IBM and British Airways and public sector organisations including the UK Cabinet Office and Ministry of Defence.


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    Dr Norman Baxter, Director of Doctrine, Standards, Audit & Training. Norman is a world expert on policing, counterterrorism and counterinsurgency. Today an author, academic and sought-after lecturer, he served three decades with the former Royal Ulster ConstabularyWikipedia-W.svg and the Police Service for Northern Ireland. He was the strategist behind many high-profile international intelligence-led police operations in Europe and North America. His understanding of the interface between the military and the police and his commitment to human rights make him a recognised expert in the policing of conflict in divided societies.
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    Roger Marshall, Doctrine Advisor and Programme Manager. Roger retired from the British ArmyWikipedia-W.svg as a Lieutenant Colonel with 30 years’ experience in the Intelligence Corps focussing on covert surveillance, agent handling and counterterrorism operations. His expertise is key to a growing sector of New Century’s work.
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    Derek Warby, Programme Development Director MENA. Derek joined New Century in 2015 as VP for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) bringing a wealth of contacts and knowledge from a successful military and commercial career spanning sub Saharan Africa, the Middle East and Russia. He is currently based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He served 23 years with the RAFWikipedia-W.svg supporting UK Special Forces before moving into a civilian role with companies such as Aon and ArmorGroup, specialising in crisis management.
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    Eddie Thorne, Programme Manager. Eddie has commanded British Army troops in combat from platoon level to battle group. He retired from the military as a Lieutenant Colonel with 24 years’ service during which he worked extensively with foreign military and police forces in the remotest regions of the world. Before joining New Century, Eddie established a broad commercial career ranging from recruitment to logistics.
  • Greg O'Broin, Chief of Staff. Greg is Director of the London office, leading the team that supports New Century’s people and programmes worldwide. Before joining the company he was Consulting Director with BDO LLP and held senior finance and management positions for multinational business operations. Greg brings management systems expertise to support the deployment and delivery of programmes globally.
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    Nigel Howard, Director, Customer and Business Development. Nigel is a former British Army Officer, who specialised in Bomb Disposal and counterterrorism. He went on to work as a Consultant for the Defence Intelligence Service and as a Contractor on several US and UK conflict prevention programmes and then worked for more than a decade in the defence sector, where he leading the development and implementation of Special Projects for govts in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa regions.


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    Mike Repass, Senior Advisor. Major General Mike Repass is a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point and has spent more than 30 years as a Special Forces officer. Rising to the rank of Major General, Mike commanded in the US, on the Arabian Peninsula and in Germany where he was head of Special Operations Command Europe. He founded his own company Able Global Solutions in 2013 and brings unparalleled experience to New Century.
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    Richard Thompson, Senior Advisor. Richard’s knowledge has been earned in law, business and diplomacy. Formerly a Royal Green Jacket serving on counter-terror and counter-smuggling operations, Richard later joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office working in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He was then appointed Chief Constable of the UK’s Civil Nuclear Constabulary. Richard has a special interest in the prevention of computer based crime.