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Right wing think tank working to change cultural debates they believe are dominated by "the left", Little Sis

The New Culture Forum is a right wing think tank aiming to change contemporary cultural debates which they argue are wrongly dominated by "the left". In their own words "If the right won the economic argument, in Culture Wars the left dominates. The New Culture Forum has been created to challenge the dogma and relativism of the establishment and redefine the parameters of the cultural and political debate"[1]. In a March 2009 presentation Tim Montgomerie and Matthew Elliott described the New Culture Forum as part of the infrastructure of the conservative movement in Britain.[2] WikiSpooks,


Nothing on the website, except for blurb about Peter Whittle. See DDG [ search] See WikiSpooks, (Apr.23.2009)

  • Peter Whittle - Founder and Director
  • Dawn Steeves - Secretary
  • Marc Sidwell - Research Fellow
  • Dominic Hilton - Research Fellow
  • Elizabeth Drury - Head of Press
  • Anthony Browne Chief Political Correspondent, The Times Advisory Board ref
  • Matthew Elliott Chief Executive, Taxpayers' Alliance, Advisory Committee, ref, ref
  • Michael Gove MP,Advisory Committee
  • Susan Shaw Senior Producer, The South Bank Show, ITV
  • Ruth Dudley Edwards historian and journalist
  • Michael Mosbacher Director, The Social Affairs Unit
  • Tim Montgomerie Editor,, Advisory Committee
  • Daniel Johnson author and journalist.
  • Philip Hendren technologist and political blogger
  • Alan Bekhor Managing Director, Ocean Bulk Carrier Ltd
  • Tony Pontone, Director, The Albemarle Gallery

See Little Sis, (no dates)

  • Richard Smith Managing Director of H.R.Smith Group in the UK, Advisory Committee member
  • Lord Nigel Vinson Member of the House of Lords and UK Conservative Party, Advisory Committee member
  • Tim Montgomerie British political activist and former comment editor for The Times, Advisory Committee member
  • Matthew Elliott Founder and former Chief Executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance, Chief Executive of , Advisory Committee member
  • Michael Gove MP for Surrey Heath, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, Advisory Committee member
  • Peter Whittle Former UKIP deputy leader, Founder and director


See Little Sis, and WP search results