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  • Summer 2010: Tittle-Tattle Suspicious minds might think there is rather less of a coincidence in the late sorting out of safe constituencies that allowed Harriet Harman spouse Jack Dromey, to inherit the safe Birmingham Erdington seat from Sion Simon, a recent New Labour minister for the creative industries. Simon, like Anne Applebaum a former Conrad Black columnist, became known in 2006 for mimicking a David Cameron webcast. He claimed to be leaving Parliament to seek election as mayor of Birmingham. At the same time, Simon’s partner, Luciana Berger, was parachuted into the safe seat of Liverpool Wavertree. Berger, whose ignorance of legendary Liverpool manager Bill Shankly caused a flurry of negative local publicity, is the former director of Labour Friends of Israel (LFI). In the adjoining Riverside constituency is LFI deputy chair Louise Ellman and in the equally safe Liverpool West Derby Labour selected to return to Parliament Stephen Twigg, a former chair of LFI. Lobster No.59, p.89, Tom Easton
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