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Louise Ellman
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In office: May.1997 — present;

Louise Ellman has been MP for Liverpool Riverside since 1997. In the GE-2017, she once again retained her seat, with 84.5% of the vote.
Committees and APPGs
National Policy Statements Sub-Committee
All Party Parliamentary Groups:
Britain-Israel, Chair (2006–);
Against Antisemitism, Vice-President (2004–);
On the Baha'i Faith, Chair (2015–);
On the Hillsborough Disaster, Vice Chair (2017–).
As at Feb.2018
Parliamentary Record
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Party website: Labour.org.uk

Room 212 The Cotton Exchange Building, Old Hall Street, Liverpool, L3 9LQ
Tel: 0151-236-2969
Email: lloydju@parliament.uk; rob.carney@parliament.uk
House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA
Tel: 020-7219-5210
Parliament.uk page
louise.ellman.mp@parliament.uk; james.floyd@parliament.uk
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Social Media:
Twitter: @LouiseEllman
Salary and Expenses
Base salary:£76,011 per year
Other Income:TheyWorkForYou
Office Costs:£14,351.63
As at IPSA, Feb.2018
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Louise Joyce Ellman is a Labour & Co-operative politician, and has been the Member of Parliament for Liverpool Riverside since 1997. Ellman was born in Manchester to a British Jewish family. She is a Zionist, and is probably Israel's staunchest supporter in the House of Commons.

As a member of the APPG on Human Trafficking, Louise has played a role in successfully promoting the Modern Slavery Bill. She has campaigned on issues such as poverty, the Bedroom tax, cuts to public services and the NHS. She has also expressed her support for devolution to cities and regeneration of the regions, Antisemitism Policy Trust. Ellman's role as the chair of the Commons Transport Select Committee has seen her resolutely campaign for a 3rd runway at Heathrow Airport.[1][2]

In 1995, Louise was a Member of the Regional Policy Commission set up by John Prescott to identify strategies to tackle regional unemployment and economic decline. She went on to become the Chair of the Parliamentary Labour Party's Regional Government Group.[3]

Political Timeline

May.2017Re-elected as MP for Liverpool Riverside with 84.5% of the vote.
May.2015Re-elected as MP for Liverpool Riverside with 67.4% of the vote.
Member of the APPG on Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery.
2011–Vice-President, Local Government Association
May.2010Re-elected as MP for Liverpool Riverside.
Member of the Associate Parliamentary Health Group
May.2010–May.2017Member of the HoC National Policy Statements Sub-Committee
May.2008–May.2017Member of the HoC Liaison Committee.
Vice Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Liverpool City Council's Capital of Culture.
May.2005Re-elected as MP for Liverpool Riverside.
Jul.2002–May.2017Member of the HoC Transport Committee; became Chair in May.2008.
Jul.2001–Jul.2002Member of the HoC Urban Affairs Sub-Committee;
Member of the HoC Transport, Local Government & The Regions
Member of the HoC Transport Sub-committee
May.2001Re-elected as MP for Liverpool Riverside.
1997–2001Member of the HoC Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Select Committee
Jul.1997–Jun.2001Member of the HoC Environment Sub-committee (Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs))
May.1997First elected as MP for Liverpool Riverside.
1994–1997Member of the North West Partnership [4]
1991–1993Founder and Chair of the North West Regional Association [4]
1989–May.1997Chair of Lancashire's Environment Forum.
1982–1997Founding Vice-Chair of Lancashire Enterprises, Lancashire County Council’s economic development agency.[5]
1981–1997Leader of Lancashire County Council. Played an active role in improving Lancashire’s economic prosperity.
May.1979Contested the Darwen constituency at GE-1979; was defeated by the sitting Conservative MP Charles Fletcher-CookeWikipedia-W.svg.
1977Labour group leader of Lancashire County Council.
1974–1987Councillor, West Lancashire District Council.
1970–1997Elected as a Councillor to Lancashire County Council, to represent Skelmersdale.

Honours & Accreditations


Controversies & Conflicts

Divided Loyalties?

Israel declares itself to be the State of all Jews, not just those living in Israel; that's why Israel doesn't have an Israeli nationality – the Jewish nation is the State of Israel. It follows that Jews cannot be "dual nationals"; the very idea is anti-Semitic. Zionists believe that in the event of a conflict between the state they live in and Israel, Jews owe their first loyalty to Israel. It is clear that Mrs Ellman, a sincere and devoted Zionist, does indeed feel a deep loyalty to the "Jewish State". It is therefore quite reasonable to call her "the MP for Tel Aviv", in just the same way as people called John Carlisle and Julian Amery "MPs for South Africa". There is nothing racist about this, it is just an indication of where her political loyalty lies.[6]


Riverside is frequently cited as the most fractious constituency on Merseyside, with some members complaining that they are put off by the divisive nature of Constituency Labour Party (CLP) meetings; while others blame Louise Ellman, saying she is out of step with members' views. Mrs Ellman contends that there has been a post GE-2015 influx of "a number of individuals committed to creating dissent and conflict", who are "more interested in destroying than building". It has all happened since Jeremy Corbyn became leader, and they are all supporters of him. Mrs Ellman makes it clear that she does not think Corbyn "is credible".[7][8] Louise Ellman has urged her party to suspend the group, who are said to have been making plans to oust her from her seat. Activists drew up a plan to eventually ensure Ellman, who has criticised Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, was deselected as a Labour candidate.[9] The local Labour branch was "restructured" by the NEC in a completely undemocratic way.[10]

Warmongering Accusations

A motion calling for proscription of the Hezebollah group was introduced by Jim Shannon (DUP MP), Joan Ryan (Labour Friends of Israel chair), and Louise Ellman MP (LFI Vice-Chair), with support from Labour backbenches and pro-Israel groups. Labour leaders asked their MPs not to support the motion, becaue full proscription would move against meaningful peace negotiations in the Middle East. Nevertheless, Ellman said that "the evidence that Hezbollah engages in terrorism and engenders hate is overwhelming", adding that "Hezbollah specifically promotes anti-Semitism."[11]

Louise Ellman is a rabid Zionist. She frequently appears on TV warning of Labour's problem with "anti-Semitism", without offering a shred of evidence. In 2009, while the Gaza Strip was being destroyed by the Israeli Wehrmacht, she said at a pro-Israel rally: “We should stand together to stick up for Israel". She said "nobody is entirely innocent" in Gaza, not even children. A rabid warmonger, Ellman voted "very strongly for" the Iraq War, "very strongly against" an investigation into that war, and "very strongly for" renewal of Trident, Britain's nuclear weapons programme.[12]

Amnesty International Campaigns Manager Kristyan Benedict tweeted "Louise Ellman, Robert Halfon and Luciana Berger walk into a bar... each orders a round of B52s". He was jokingly referring to the three pro-Israel MPs and their unblinking support for Israel. The pro-Israel lobby - particularly the Community Security Trust - immediately leapt into action, accusing Benedict of anti-Semitism, racism, and so on. Benedict was referring to matters such as: Ellman's claim on the BBC that Hamas used children as suicide bombers was at the center of a complaint upheld by the Broadcasting Standards watchdog, in 2011. Ellman urged crowds at a rally in Jan.2009 to "stand together to stick up for Israel" as Gaza was being devastated. The British Jewish Telegraph praises Ellman as "never scared to... fight for Israel... at every Parliamentary opportunity". Halfon has been called the the Conservative "counterpart" to Ellman. Berger was described by the Jerusalem Post as "an active supporter of Israel".[13]

Downright Liar

  • Aug.01.2018: Labour Friends of Israel MP Louis Ellman Caught Lying about Attendance at Holocaust Memorial Event. On BBC Newsnight, Ellman claimed that she was ‘appalled’ to find out that Corbyn had been at the Holocaust memorial event eight years ago. Not only is this a lie, but she was actually there longer than Corbyn. He introduced the event, but had to hurry away to another engagement. He later returned. Ellman stayed throughout the event, including its disruption by a group of pro-Israel supporters. Shockingly, neither she nor her companion from the Board of Deputies of British Jews did anything to stop these interruptions, which including heckling speakers talking about other genocides. Her lie raises serious questions about Labour Friends of Israel. Shai Masot, the official at the Israeli embassy, who was exposed conspiring to select which Tory MPs should be in the cabinet, claimed to have been working with them. Yet while he was exposed and sent back to Israel, they have not been investigated. Beastrabban\'s Weblog.


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