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Suntory is a Japanese corporate group headquartered in Osaka, with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages at its core. Established in 1899 as a brewing and distilling company, it has expanded to other fields, and now also makes soft drinks and operates sandwich chains.


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  • Lucozade Ribena Suntory Ltd, ws

Suntory Beverage & Food Ltd


Total float: 40.3%
Source: MarketScreener.svg, Mar.2020


  • † Kotobuki Realty Company Ltd/Kotobuki Fudosan Company Ltd,[1]
    • Suntory Holdings Ltd
      • 59.48%: Suntory Beverage & Food Ltd
        • Beam Suntory Inc, 3rd largest producer of distilled beverages worldwide

† The Torii and Saji clans, descendants and in-laws of Suntory's founder, hold 89% of closely-held Suntory Holdings Ltd through Kotobuki Fudosan KK, an Osaka-based asset management company they control. Nobutada Saji and his wife own 8.93% of the business, and also own 5.45% of Suntory Beverage & Food Ltd. Other family members involved in the business include Shingo Torii, vice president of Suntory Holdings, and Nobutada Saji's nephew Nobuhiro Torii,[2] a great-grandson of Suntory's founder.ref


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  • 2009: Bought French soda maker Orangina and New Zealand's Frucor.
  • Dec.2009: Pepsi Cola Bottling Unit in South Carolina acquired.ref
  • Jun.1999: Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Goldsboro Inc was acquired.ref
  • Jan.1999: Cloister Spring Water company, founded by venture capitalist Blair Mohn in Pennsylvania, was acquired by Suntory Water Group Inc.ref,ref,ref
  • 1980: Suntory bought a PepsiCo bottling company serving the East Coast.
  • Suntory Beverage & Food Ltd, Suntory Beverage & Food Asia Pte Ltd, purchase International Refreshment (Thailand) Co. Ltd. from PepsiCo Inc, resulting in a new company Suntory PepsiCo Beverage (Thailand) Co. Ltd
  • Suntory International Corp, Kotobuki Realty Co. Ltd purchase True Me Brands LLC
  • Advised on Terroirs Distillers SASU purchases Louis Royer SAS from Kotobuki Realty Co. Ltd


  • Mar.2018: Food and Instant Coffee Business: The group completed the transfer of all of the shares of its 3 subsidiaries operating food and instant coffee businesses to The Kraft Heinz Company.ref, p.21
  • Mar.2018: International Refreshment (Thailand) Co. Ltd: acquired 51% of the shares from Pepsi-Cola (Thai) Trading Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of PepsiCo Inc, aiming to expand the beverage business in Thailand. The company is a soft drink operation in Thailand; it was renamed post-acquisition to "Suntory PepsiCo Beverage (Thailand) Co. Ltd".ref, p.20
  • Dec.2015: Beam Suntory Inc sold its sherry and brandy brands Fundador Pedro Domecq, Harveys (Harveys Bristol Cream), Terry Centenario and Terry y Tres Cepas to Emperador Inc, a subsidiary of Philippines-based and family-owned Alliance Global Group Inc.[3]
  • Apr.2014: Beam Suntory Inc: Suntory completed its acquisition of § Beam Inc (producers of Jim Beam), the USA's largest bourbon producer. The deal made Suntory the world's 3rd largest spirits manufacturer. Beam Inc was renamed as "Beam Suntory Inc".[4],[5]
  • Apr.2014: Beam Suntory Inc: Beam Inc, spun off from Fortune Brands Inc in Oct.2011, was acquired and renamed; Laphroaig, a 2nd Islay distillery, came with the deal.ref Beam Suntory Inc integrated Beam's spirits business with Suntory Liquors Ltd.
  • Jan.2014: Lucozade and Ribena: Suntory purchased the drinks division of GlaxoSmithKline.[6] lucozade.comArchive-org-sm.svg
  • Nov.2009: Orangina Schweppes was acquired from private equity firms Blackstone Group and Lion Capital LLP. Orangina owns the Schweppes, Oasis, Pulco, Trina and La Casera brands.ref,ref
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  • Oct.2008: Frucor Beverages Ltd, makers of the "V" energy drink, was bought from Danone.ref,ref
  • 1997: PepsiCo: Suntory became Japan's sole bottler, distributor, and licensee of Pepsi products.

  • Jul.2013: IPO: Suntory Beverage & Food was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.ref,ref
  • Apr.2009: Suntory Holdings Ltd: Suntory became a stockholding company, and established Suntory Beverage and Food Ltd, Suntory Products Ltd, Suntory Wellness Ltd, Suntory Liquors Ltd, Suntory Beer & Spirits Ltd, Suntory Wine International Ltd, and Suntory Business Expert Ltd.
  • 1989: Kotobuki Fudosan KK founded.ref,, Website.en
  • 1963: The Musashino Beer Factory began its production of the Suntory Beer.
  • 1963: Suntory: The company's name was changed, taken from the name of the whisky it produces.
  • 1961: Suntory Ltd: the company was renamed.
  • Sept.1956: Kotobuki Realty Company Ltd was founded in Osaka, Japan. Kotobuki means longevity/congratulations. Kotobuki Realty Co. Ltd develops, manages, and leases real estate properties. It also handles life and non-life insurance businesses.ref, (jp), (en)
  • 1946: After a hiatus due to World War II, Kotobukiya Company went from strength to strength.
  • 1923: Yamazaki Distillery: Torii built Japan's first malt whisky distillery. Production began in Dec.1924; 5 years later Suntory Whisky Shirofuda (White Label), the first single malt whisky made in Japan, was being sold.
  • 1923: Built Japan's first whiskey distillery.
  • 1921: Kotobukiya Company: The store became the Kotobukiya Company to further expand its business.
  • 1907: Kotobukiya Liquor Shop was incorporated.
  • Feb.1899: Shinjirō Torii opened his first store in Osaka, selling imported wines.
  • 1899: Shinjiro Torii founded a wine import business in Osaka. The company takes its name from a combination of the sun-like red circle that figured on the label of early drinks and the founder's surname.Jan.2014
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Frucor Beverages Group Ltd

Maker of V Energy drink.Logo evolution
  • Dec.2017: Frucor Suntory Australia Pty Limited: previously known as Frucor Beverages (Australia) Pty Ltd, sale and distribution of non-alcoholic beverages. Frucor Suntory Australia’s ultimate parent is Kotobuki Fudosan KK.ref
  • Jul.2017: Rebranded as Frucor Suntory.ref,ref
  • Feb.2009: Groupe Danone sold Frucor to Suntory.ref
  • Jan.2002: Groupe Danone purchased Frucor, and delisted it from both stock exchanges.ref
  • May.2001: Frucor agreed to acquire the Australian fruit juice company Spring Valley from Bonlac Foods (now Fonterra.ref
  • Jun.2000: Frucor floated 51.1% of its shares on the New Zealand and Australia stock exchanges. Proceeds from the stock sale were used to pay the consortium, Pacific Equity Partners.ref
  • 1998: Frucor was bought by Pacific Equity Partners, a consortium led by Bain Capital.ref
  • 1962: Founded by New Zealand Apple and Pear Board; released their first product, Fresh Up.
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Cerebos + Saxa

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Beam Inc

  • Apr.2014: Suntory Holdings Ltd purchased Beam Inc,[7][8] which was subsequently renamed as "Beam Suntory".[9][10] (Kotobuki Fudosan KK acquired Beam Inc.[11] Advised on Kotobuki Realty Co. Ltd, Suntory Holdings Ltd, purchase Beam Suntory Inc. Beam Suntory Inc, Kotobuki Realty Co. Ltd purchase ABV Brands (Pty) Ltd. from FIX Wines & Spirits Ltd.).
  • Apr.2012: Pinnacle vodka amd Calico Jack rum brands were acquired.[12]
  • Dec.2011: Cooley Distillery, the only independent Irish whiskey distiller that existed at the time, was purchased.[13]
  • Oct.2011: Beam Inc: Beam Global was spun off from Fortune Brands, to become an independent publicly traded company. The company was established from the remainder of the Fortune Brands holdco after it sold and divested various other product lines to form a business focused exclusively on spirits and directly related products.[14]
  • 2006: Beam Global Spirits & Wine Inc: Jim Beam Brands Worldwide Inc was renamed yet again. OpenCorporates-sm.svg
  • 2005: Fortune Brands purchased Jim Beam Brands Worldwide Inc.[15]
  • ?date?: Jim Beam Brands Worldwide Inc: Jim Beam Brands Company renamed itself. OpenCorporates-sm.svg
  • 1987: Jim Beam Brands Company: James B Beam Distilling Company renamed itself. OpenCorporates-sm.svg
  • 1987: National Distillers was acquired, along with its stable of brands including Old Crow,[16] Bourbon de Luxe, Old Taylor, Old Grand-Dad, and Sunny Brook.[17] In Jun.2009, the Old Taylor Bourbon label and barrel inventory was sold to the Sazerac Company Inc.[18]
  • 1968: American Brands Inc acquired the company.
  • 1805: Harry Blum, a Chicago spirits merchant, bought the company.
  • 1935: James B Beam Distilling Company: the family business was formally established.
  • 1795: James Beam began selling barrels of whiskey.

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Bowmore Distillery

Bowmore Distillery is owned by holdco Morrison Bowmore Distillers Ltd.
  • 2014: Became part of Beam Suntory.
  • 1994: Suntory acquired the rest of Morrison Bowmore Distillers Ltd's shares; Suntory had been a shareholder for several years.
  • 1989: Suntory acquired a stake.
  • 1985: Springburn Bond was established on a 14-acre site in the north of Glasgow to consolidate the firm’s maturation and bottling functions.
  • 1984: followed by Auchentoshan. The focus of the business changed from bulk to cased sales.
  • 1970: Glen Garioch distillery was added to the portfolio.
  • Late.1960s: T&A McClelland, a whisky blending and exporting enterprise established 1818, became part of Morrison Bowmore.
  • 1963: Morrison Bowmore Distillers: Stanley P Morrison acquired Bowmore distillery, added distilling to their repertoire.
  • 1961: The partners became involved in the blending business in association with the fledgling Invergordon Distillers.
  • 1951: Stanley P Morrison, a whisky broking company, was set up by Stanley Morrison and James Howat.
  • 1837: Glaswegian blending firm Wm & Jas Mutter bought John Simpson's distillery.
  • 1816: John Simpson applied for a license to distil at Bowmore.
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