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B&G Foods is a holding company. The company manufactures, sells and distributes a portfolio of shelf-stable and frozen foods across the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Products include frozen and canned vegetables, hot cereals, fruit spreads, canned meats and beans, bagel chips, spices, seasonings, hot sauces, wine vinegar, maple syrup, molasses, salad dressings, pizza crusts, Mexican-style sauces, dry soups, taco shells and kits, salsas, pickles, peppers, tomato-based products, puffed corn and rice snacks, nut clusters and other specialty products.


  • Ac'cent
  • #B&G Pickles: pickles, peppers, relishes, olives, sauerkraut and other specialty items.
  • B&M baked beans
  • Back to Nature
  • Baker's Joy
  • Bear Creek Country Kitchens
  • Brer Rabbit
  • Buena Vida
  • Canoleo
  • Cary's
  • Clabber Girl
  • Cream of Rice
  • Cream of Wheat
  • Crock Pot
  • Dec Cake
  • Devonsheer
  • Don Pepino
  • Durkee
  • Emeril's
  • Grandma's Molasses
  • #Green Giant
  • Henri's
  • Joan of Arc
  • Las Palmas
  • Le Sueur
  • MacDonald's
  • Mama Mary's
  • #Maple Grove Farms, pure maple syrup
  • McCann's Irish Oatmeal
  • Molly McButter
  • Mrs Dash
  • New York Flatbreads
  • New York Style
  • Old London
  • Ortega, Mexican chiles and sauces
  • Pirate's Booty
  • #Polaner
  • Regina
  • Rickland Orchards
  • Skinnygirl
  • SnackWell's
  • Spice Islands
  • Spring Tree
  • Static Guard
  • Sugar Twin
  • #Tone's
  • #Trappey's pepper sauces
  • TrueNorth
  • Underwood
  • Vermont Maid Syrup
  • Victoria Fine Foods
  • #Weber Grills
  • Wright's
Sources: Brands. B&G Foods Inc. Accessed Dec.12.2019.



Total float: 97.6%
Source: MarketScreener.svg, Mar.2020


B&G Foods Inc

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  • Jul.2018: McCann's Irish Oatmeal: completed the acquisition of the brand of premium Irish oatmeal from TreeHouse Foods Inc.[a],ref
  • Oct.2018: Pirate Brands was sold to the Hershey Company, including the Pirate’s Booty, Smart Puffs, and Original Tings brands.[a]
  • Oct.2017: Back to Nature Foods Company LLC, including related entities Back to Nature and SnackWell’s, was bought from from Brynwood Partners Management LLC, Mondelēz International Inc and certain other sellers.[a],ref,ref
  • Dec.2016: Victoria Fine Foods LLC and its parent holdco Victoria Fine Foods Holding Company, were bought from private equity firm Huron Capital Partners and certain other sellers.[a],ref Website Victoria Fine Foods is a Brooklyn-based business founded in 1929. The Victoria brand offers a variety of premium pasta and specialty sauces, savory condiments and tasty gourmet spreads. Using traditional cooking methods, Victoria sauces are slow kettle-cooked in small batches to ensure rich flavor and a homemade taste.ref
  • Nov.2016:
    Weber-Grills.svg Tones.png Spice-Islands.pngDeals-Arrow-Left.svg
    ACH Food Companies Inc's North American herbs and spices business was acquired. Brands acquired included Spice Islands, Tone’s, Durkee, and the license for Weber sauces and seasonings ref,ref,ref, ref Tones.com, Durkee.com
  • Nov.2015: Green Giant and Le Sueur brands were acquired from General Mills Inc.[a]
  • Jul.2015: Spartan Foods of America Inc, and related entities including the Mama Mary’s brand, was bought from from Linsalata Capital Partners and certain other sellers.[a]
  • Apr.2014: Specialty Brands of America Inc and related entities, including the Bear Creek Country Kitchens, Spring Tree, Cary’s, MacDonald’s, New York Flatbreads and Canoleo brands, were bought from affiliates of American Capital Ltd.[a]
  • Jul.2013: Pirate Brands was acquired B&G Foods, Inc. has agreed to acquire Robert’s American Gourmet Foods, L.L.C. dba Pirate Brands for about $195 million from VMG Partners, Driven Capital Management, Robert Ehrlich and others. The acquisition includes the Pirate’s Booty snack foods brand. Pirate Brands includes Pirate’s Booty, Smart Puffs and Original Things. ref
  • May.2013: TrueNorth was acquired from DeMet's Candy Company.ref,ref
  • Sept.2012: New York Style and Old London brands were acquired from Chipita America, Inc.ref
  • Oct.2011: Alberto-Culver: B&G Foods announced that it had agreed to acquire Alberto-Culver Company's USA food business from Unilever, which had acquired the company in Sept.2010,ref,ref following which it was required to divest certain assets to satisfy anti-trust concerns.ref Brands acquired were:
  • Jan.2007: Cream of Wheat was bought from Nabisco.ref The brand was introduced in 1893, and is among the leading brands of hot cereals sold in the USA. Cream of Wheat is available in Original, Whole Grain and Maple Brown Sugar stove top, and also in instant packets of Original and other flavors. Cream of Rice, a gluten-free, rice-based hot cereal, is also produced.[a] Cream of WheatWikipedia-W.svg, Website
  • Oct.2004: B&G Foods Inc, a wholly-owned subsidiary, was merged with and into B&G Foods Holdings Corporation, and the company was renamed as B&G Foods Inc.[a]
  • 2003: The Ortega brand of Mexican chiles and sauces was purchased from Nestlé. The brand was founded in 1897; its products span the shelf-stable Mexican food segment, including taco shells, tortillas, seasonings, dinner kits, taco sauces, peppers, refried beans, salsas and related food products.
  • Feb.1999:
    M Polaner Inc, the fruit spread and spices business sold in Mar.1993, was purchased from International Home Foods Inc.
  • Jul.1998: Maple Grove Farms of Vermont Inc was bought from its private holders. Maple Grove Farms make maple syrup and salad dressing under the Maple Grove Farm label, private-label maple syrup products, and natural foods under its Up Country Naturals label. [a]
  • Aug.1997: Trappey’s Fine Foods Inc was bought from the McIIhenny Company. Trappey’s produces Red Devil sauces, other lines of hot sauces, and a variety of pickled peppers.
  • Aug.1997: B&G Foods Holdings Corporation: the company changed its name.[a]
  • Jun.1997: Four brands from Nabisco were purchased: Regina wine vinegars; Brer Rabbit, makers of molasses and syrups; Wright’s, makers of liquid smoke hickory flavoring for use in marinades, sauces, soups, and stews; and Vermont Maid Syrup.ref
  • Dec.1996: Bruckmann, Rosser, Sherrill & Company LP bought
  • Nov.1996: B Companies Holdings Corp was incorporated in Delaware by a coalition of New York investment firms. [a]


  • Dec.1996: B&G Foods purchased the stock of the two holding companies that controlled Bloch & Guggenheimer and Burns & Ricker.
  • Nov.1996: B&G Foods was created by a group of New York investors, led by Bruckman, Rosser, Sherrill & Company, to acquire Specialty Foods' subsidiaries Bloch & Guggenheimer and Burns & Ricker Inc (makers of bagel chips, pita crisps, biscotti, and crispini).
  • Jun.1996: Specialty Foods hired Merrill Lynch & Co. to sell off non-core holdings, as the company opted to focus on its bread and cheese businesses.
  • Jun.1993: Specialty Foods Corporation was formed by a group of investors led by Texas billionaire Robert BassWikipedia-W.svg, which subsequently bought 8 of Artal NV’s remaining food businesses in a $1.1bn leveraged buyout. The high debt proved onerous for Specialty Foods.
  • Mar.1993:
    M Polaner Inc, the fruit spread and spices business, was sold to American Home Products' food division, later known as International Home Foods Inc.
  • ?dates?: Artal began to divest itself of its food products.
  • mid.1980s: Artal NV, a Dutch conglomerate, began to buy a number of North American food businesses that included Bloch & Guggenheimer Inc, makers of B&G pickles, and M Polaner Inc.
Additional Sources:

Annual Report 2018 B&G Foods Inc, [a] Apr.01.2019. Original archived on Dec.12.2019.

B&G Pickles

The Bloch & Guggenheimer brand originated in the streets of New York in 1889, and its pickles, peppers, relishes, olives, sauerkraut and other specialty items set the standard for New York taste for more than 125 years. Website
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  • Nov.1996: B&G Foods Inc was formed by Wenner and Leonard S Polaner (who ran M Polaner Inc for Specialty Foods), along with a coalition of New York investment firms, to acquire Bloch & Guggenheimer and the Specialty Foods’ Burns & Ricker Inc subsidiary, which produced bagel chips, pita crisps, biscotti, and crispini.ref
  • early.1990s: Specialty Foods Corporation bought Bloch & Guggenheimer from Artal NV. Specialty Foods was formed by a group of investors, led by Texas billionaire Robert Bass.
  • mid.1980s: Artal NV, a Dutch conglomerate, acquired Bloch & Guggenheimer.
  • 1889: Bloch & Guggenheimer were immigrants who sold pickles in the streets of Manhattan. They founded B&G to produce pickles and relish, as well as other condiments.

Back to Nature Foods

  • Aug.2017: Back to Nature Foods Company LLC was sold to B&G Foods Inc.
  • 2013: Mondelēz contributed the SnackWell's brand to the joint venture.ref
  • 2012: Back to Nature Foods Company LLC was formed as a joint venture by private equity firm Brynwood Partners Management LLC and Mondelēz International Inc, with Brynwood acquiring operating control, while Mondelēz retained a minority position.
  • 1992: SnackWell's was launched by Nabisco Inc as a line of reduced-fat and fat-free cookies and crackers. Website.arch, Website
  • 1960: Back to Nature Foods Inc was founded as a better-for-you granola in Pasadena. Today it is a better-for-you snacking brand. Website.arch, Website


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  • 1888: The brothers changed the game by inventing individual, pre-ground spice packaging.
  • 1873: Jehiel Tone and his brother Isaac set out to begin their own spice and coffee business.ref

Spice Islands


The Spice Islands brand includes 100+ different natural products including dried herbs, seasonings, spices, flavorings, sauce blends, and extracts. The company's products are distributed internationally in North America, South America, Australia/Europe and Asia/Pacific.

  • Nov.2016: ACH Food Companies Inc sold its North American herbs and spices business to B&G Foods Inc, including Spice Islands.[1]
  • ACH Food Companies Inc ownership?
  • Burns Philp Food Inc ownership? See About.arch (2000); Tone Brothers Inc About.arch (2003); ACH Food Companies Inc About.arch (2005); in Dec.2006 Burns PhilpWikipedia-W.svg sold its yeast and spices business to Associated British Foods...
  • ?date?: Tone Brothers ownership - see Company Histories
  • 1969: Spice Islands was acquired by Specialty Brands. (??)
  • Gradually, as the company expanded over the years, new products and markets were developed to respond to the evolving needs of the American public.
  • 1941: Spice Islands company began by producing and packaging herbs, spices and wine vinegars under Fred Johnson, Spice Islands' founder.

Weber Grills

Website, Weber-Grills.svg, WeberBBQ.com, History, About, Weber-Stephen Products UK Ltd, CH-3518831, Story of Weber.arch (2003), WeberBBQ.arch, Weber.arch

Green Giant

  • Nov.2015: General Mills sold the North American Green Giant product lines to B&G Foods Inc. GM continued using the Green Giant brand in certain markets outside of North America.ref
  • 2001: General Mills Inc acquired the Pillsbury Company, and thereby Green Giant.
  • 1979: Pillsbury Company acquired Green Giant.
  • 1950: Green Giant Company: the company was renamed.
  • 1925: Green Giant Pea: the Minnesota Valley Canning Company developed the seeds for a tender and larger pea.
  • 1903: Minnesota Valley Canning Company was founded in Le Sueur, Minnesota.
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Additional Sources: Polaner History. B&G Foods Inc. Original archived on Mar.31.2001.Polaner. B&G Foods Inc, 2009. Original archived on Aug.17.2009.

Maple Grove Farms

Maple Grove Farms of Vermont is one of the USA's largest packers of pure maple syrup, supplied by both local farmers and Canadian sources. Based in Saint Johnsbury, Vermont.
  • Jul.1998: B&G Foods Inc bought the company from William F Callahan.ref
  • Feb.1985: Maple Grove Farms of Vermont Inc: Maple Grove Inc changed its name.
  • ?date?: William F Callahan III, a New York attorney who harbored entrepreneurial aspirations, bought the company from Harold Whaley.
  • 1975: The company was owned by Harold Whaley.
  • 1929: Cary Maple Sugar Company of Vermont bought the business from the Gray family.ref,ref
  • 1920s: Maple Grove Products of Vermont: acquisition of a processing plant in Essex Junction, Vermont, formerly run by the Vermont Farmers Cooperative Association.
  • ?date?: Maple Grove Candies Inc was incorporated.
  • 1915: Katharine Ide Gray, her daughter Helen, and Helen’s friend Ethel McLaren tried their hands at making candy from maple sugar, at the family farm.ref


Trappey’s produces Red Devil sauces, other lines of hot sauces, and a variety of pickled peppers. Trappey's Hot Sauce is one of the oldest hot sauce brands in the USA. Trappey's makes Red Devil Cayenne Pepper Sauce, Bull Louisiana Hot Sauce, Indi-Pep Pepper Sauce, Chef Magic Jalapeño Sauce, Trappey's Cut Okra, Trappey's Creole Okra Gumbo, Trappey's Cocktail Okra (mild and hot varieties) and pickled jalapeños.

Trappey's is called "Louisiana-style" as it is no longer produced in Louisiana, but imported from Colombia. Trappey's Louisiana Hot Sauce is noticeably milder than some other Louisiana-style sauces.ref,ref

  • Aug.1997: B&G Foods purchased the entire Trappey line from the McIlhenny Company.ref
  • 1991: The McIlhenny Company acquired the bottled foods operation from Jem Brands Inc; the canned business was disposed of.
  • 1988: Trappey's Fine Foods Inc:OpenCorporates-sm.svg Jem Brands Inc bought the company from the the Seguras.
  • 1982: Perry and Wiltz Segura bought the company from the Trappeys.
  • 1900s: Louisiana Hot Sauce: The McIlhenny family, makers of Tabasco brand sauce, responded to the use of "Tabasco sauce" by Trappey and others by fighting them in the courts. Finally, in 1926, Trappey gave up, using the less specific name "Louisiana Hot Sauce".
  • 1896: BF Trappey & Sons: Trappey began manufacturing his own sauce with the help of his 10 sons and daughter, calling it “Tabasco Pepper Sauce.” He didn’t try to pass off his product as that of the McIhennys; on the contrary, the distinctive labels prominently proclaimed that the maker was “BF Trappey & Sons”.
  • 1890s: Bernard F Trappey, longtime blacksmith on the McIlhenny clan’s plantation on Avery Island, in Louisiana, put down his anvil and walked off the job. He took some peppers with him — the sort of peppers grown on the island and used in the manufacturing of McIlhenny’s Tabasco Sauce.
Sources: link, The Real History of Tabasco


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