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Kainos Capital is a private equity firm based in Dallas, Texas. It specializes in middle market investments such as food, beverage, ingredients and consumer products, and service sectors with a focus on manufacturers and marketers of food products, pet food and products, branded or private label food and consumer product companies, consumer products in the household, beauty and personal care products, household and cleaning and over-the-counter health and nutritional products sectors.ref

UK Portfolio


  • Premier Foods plc, Webpage Premier-Foods.svg
  • 2004: Kainos sold its stake in Premier Foods, and its remaining stake in Yell.
  • Nov.2003: Weetabix Ltd, Unilever's Ambrosia (creamed rice and puddings) and Brown & Polson, rounded out Premier Foods' portfolio - although the plan to add Weetabix to Premier was later abandoned. Hicks, Muse's European arm (later Lion Capital) bought the company from the George family.ref, AR-Jul.2003, p5, ref
  • 2002: Hicks Muse acquired Nestlé's Ambient Food Business, which added brands Crosse & Blackwell, Branston Pickle, Chivers (marmalade), Sun-Pat (peanut butter), Gale's (honey), Sarson's (vinegar) and Rowntree's (jelly) to the Premier Foods stable.
  • 2002: ConAgra Foods sold its fresh meat operations under the name Swift & Company[1] to Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst Inc. and Booth Creek Management.ref,ref
  • 2000: ConAgra acquired Seaboard’s poultry division and refrigerated meat alternatives maker Lightlife (Tofu pups, Smart Dogs), before buying major brand holder International Home Foods from Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst. The company then became ConAgra Foods.ref


ToDo: United Biscuits, now owned by Yıldız Holding.

Put this lot tidily into Ontario Teachers.
See link,link,link,link,link,link re pics + info Burton's Biscuit Company is a British biscuit manufacturer. The company was formed from the merger of Burton's Gold Medal Biscuits and Horizon Biscuit Company in October 2000, and re-branded from Burton's Foods to Burton's Biscuit Company in November 2011.

  • Burton's Foods (Holdings) Ltd, CH
  • The Horizon Biscuit Company Ltd, CH
  • Burton's Foods (Holdings) Ltd, CH was set up to act as a parent company to combine the activities of Burton's Gold Medal Biscuits Ltd and Burton's Foods Ltd (was the Horizon Biscuit Company Ltd).
  • Burton's Holdings Ltd > Burton's Finance Ltd > Burton's Acquisitions Ltd > Burton's Foods (Holdings) Ltd
  • Nov.2013: Burton's was bought by the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan.AR-Dec.2013
  • Aug.2013: Burton's was put up for sale.ref
  • Oct.2009: Issued a shed-load of shares to ~80 different parties, enabling the pension deficit to be propped up. Substantial shareholders were the Canadian Imperial Bank of CommerceWikipedia-W.svg, private equity firm Apollo Global Management, and Duke Street Capital.AR-Jan.2010
  • Mar.2007: Burton's Foods was sold to private equity firm Duke Street Capital.AR-Dec.2006
  • Mar.2002: Biscuit Makers Ltd (Eire) was acquired from ??.ref,OC
  •  ??: Gray Dunn was acquired to enable Burton’s to expand its wafer production capacity.ref Odd: Gray Dunn & Co. Ltd went into receivership in Feb.2001.CH
  • Sept.2001: Horizon Biscuit Company was renamed to Burton's Foods Ltd.
  • Aug.2001: Horizon Biscuit Company acquired the trade + assets of Burton's Gold Medal Biscuits Ltd.
  • Jan.2001 Horizon's IP = Burtons Foods (Holdings) Ltd.
  • Oct.2000: Acquired Burton's Biscuit Company from Associated British Foods plc to add to Premier's brands.ref
  • Oct.2000: Burton's Gold Medal Biscuits Ltd was acquired from Wittington Investments Ltd.ref,ref
  • May.1999: Hillsdown Holdings plc was acquired and taken private. The Hillsdown Holdings business was divided into two separate operations: Premier Brands Ltd, and Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan § Burton's Biscuit Company.
  • Apr.1997: Horizon Biscuit Company was established to hold the Premier Brands UK Ltd's biscuits business and assets.AR-Dec.1997 These were transferred over in Jan.1998.AR-Dec.1998 IP = Hillsdown Holdings Ltd.

  • May.2002: Hicks Muse bought a number of Nestle's UK brands, including Crosse & Blackwell, Branston Pickle, Sarson's vinegar, Gale's honey, Sun-Pat peanut butter and Rowntree's jelly, through its UK grocery business Premier International Foods.ref
  • Oct.2000: Burton's Foods: Horizon Biscuits acquired the Wagon Wheels Burton Biscuit unit from Associated British Foods, creating an enlarged group. Brands: Cadbury, Wagon Wheels, Jammie Dodgers, Maryland Cookies.ref
  • Aug.1999: Hillsdown Holdings plc: Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst Inc acquired the company.ref Operations were consolidated and streamlined; 2,000 jobs cut;[2] and the foods business was divided into Premier International Foods (grocery: Hartley's jam, Typhoo tea, HP sauces, Chivers marmalade) and Horizon Biscuits (biscuits: Cadbury biscuits, Maryland Cookies).ref

  • May.2001: Vlasic Foods International Inc's North American businesses and brands were acquired out of bankruptcy proceedings by Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst, in partnership with Metropoulos & Company. Included: Swanson frozen foods, Vlasic pickles and condiments, and Open Pit barbecue sauce.ref
    • May.2001: Pinnacle Foods Corporation was formed by Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst to buy Vlasic’s North American assets. The three Vlasic businesses (Swanson, Vlasic Pickles and Open Pit) were the principal operating assets of Pinnacle Foods. JP Morgan Partners and Lexington Partners LP[3] joined the game as equity investors.ref
    • Jul.2001: The Swanson frozen foods plant in Fayetteville was bought out of bankruptcy by Pinnacle Foods. The plant was previously owned by Vlasic Foods International, the pickle company that was one of 8 businesses spun off by Campbell Soup Company in 1998.ref
    • Aug.2003: Pinnacle Foods Corporation: JPMorgan Partners agreed to acquire Pinnacle Foods Corporation from Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst. By selling the pickle and frozen-entree outfit, Hicks Muse will realize a return of more than two times its investment. JPMorgan, already a 7% stakeholder in the business, teamed up with Pinnacle Chairman and ... ref

  • Oct.1998: Booker plc's Danish seeds business was sold to Hicks, Muse, Tate and Furst.ref

  • Sept.1996: International Home Foods Inc: American Home Products Corporation spun off its food business division, which was acquired by Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst and Metropoulos & Company (80%).ref Heritage Brands Holdings Inc, maker of Campfire marshmallows, was included in the deal.ref Brands: Chef Boy-Ar-Dee, Bumble Bee, Pam cooking spray, Gulden's mustard, Dennison's chili, Campfire marshmallows, Jiffy Pop.
    • Jul.1997:Bumble Bee Seafoods Inc was acquired by International Home Foods Inc.ref,ref
    • Oct.1997: Productos Del Monte SA de CV, a manufacturer and marketer of branded catsup, canned vegetables and bottled salsa in Mexico, was acquired from "an affiliate of Hicks Muse" - Metropoulos? ref
  • Oct.1997: Creative Products Inc, a manufacturer of cooking spray sold to private label customers and foodservice operators, was acquired. Creative Products also manufactures on a contract basis a number of health and beauty aid products, including hair mousses, hair sprays and deodorants. PAM cooking spray.ref
  • Nov.1997: IPO: International Home Foods Inc completed an initial public offering of its common stock.ref
    • Nov.1997: Orleans Seafood Inc, a specialty canned seafood manufacturer and marketer, was acquired.ref
    • Mar.1998: Puritan: certain assets relating to the Puritan stews and canned meats business were purchased by Canadian subsidiary ?name? from Unilever's TJ Lipton Canada division. Puritan is the largest processor and marketer of canned stews and meats in Canada, with products marketed under the Puritan and Fraser Farms brand names.ref
    • Apr.1998: Grist Mill Company, a manufacturer and distributor of store brand and value-priced branded food products, was acquired. Grist Mill's products included ready-to-eat cereals, fruit snacks, granola bars, fruit-filled cereal bars, crisp rice marshmallow bars and preformed pie crusts.ref
    • May.1998: Venice Maid Foods Inc, a manufacturer of canned pasta and specialty soups, was acquired.ref
    • Sept.1998: Libby's: through its subsidiary Trenton Home Foods Inc, the Libby's brand of retail and international canned meat products, the Spreadables and Broadcast brands, and the Trenton, Missouri manufacturing facility for those products, were acquired from Nestle USA Inc. Through a 15-year license agreement with Nestle, the Company will continue to use the Libby's trademark. Libby's is a leading domestic manufacturer, importer and global marketer of canned meat products, including Vienna sausages, corned beef, salmon, hash and chili.
  • Jan.1999: subsidiary Bumble Bee Seafoods acquired the Clover Leaf and Paramount canned seafood brands and business of British Columbia Packers from George Weston Ltd of Canada. Clover Leaf is the number one brand of tuna and salmon in Canada.ref
    • Feb.1999: The Polaner fruit spread and spices business was sold to B&G Foods Inc#Polaner. The Polaner operation came on board as part of the International Home Foods Inc acquisition.
    • Jun.2000: Conagra Brands Inc agreed to buy International Home Foods Inc.ref,ref

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  • 1997: Dr Pepper/Seven Up Inc: the company was renamed again.
  • Mar.1995: Dr Pepper/Cadbury of North America, Inc: Cadbury Schweppes acquired the 74% of Dr Pepper/Seven Up stock it did not already own, and promptly renamed the company. Brands: Dr Pepper, 7 Up, Welch's, IBC, Canada Dry, Schweppes, A & W, Crush, Sunkist, Squirt, Mott's, Hires, Sun-drop, Vernors, and Country Time.
  • (Oct.1993: Cadbury further increased its presence in the U.S. market through the acquisition of A & W Brands Inc., thereby gaining U.S. ownership or rights to the flagship A & W root beer brand, the citrus-flavored Squirt, Vernors ginger ale, and Country Time lemonades. Cadbury already controlled the Schweppes, Canada Dry, Crush, Mott's, and Sunkist brands.)
  • Aug.1993: Cadbury Schweppes bought Prudential Insurance Co.'s 22.2% stake in DPSU, raising Cadbury's stake to 25.9%.
  • Jan.1993: Dr Pepper/Seven Up Companies Inc went public through an IPO.
  • May.1988: Dr Pepper/Seven Up Companies Inc: Hicks & Haas merged Dr Pepper and Seven-Up.
  • Nov.1986: Seven-Up: Hicks & Haas purchased Seven-Up.
  • Aug.1986: Hicks & Haas purchased Dr Pepper, with Cadbury Schweppes taking a 5.7% stake.

HM Capital Partners LLC

  • May.2013: The energy assets group spun out as Tailwater Capital LLC,ref
  • Mar.2013: The food assets group spun off as Kainos Capital LP.ref
  • Mar.2006: HM Capital Partners: Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst changed its name to reflect the departure of Tom Hicks and the new partners heading the firm.ref

Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst Inc

  • Jan.2005: The firm's European arm separated to form Lion Capital LLP.
  • Late.2004: Tom Hicks announced that he was leaving. John Muse stepped into the breach.
  • Mar.2002: Charles Tate resigned.ref
  • 1994-2000: Dot-com bubble:Wikipedia-W.svg the firm's reputation and market position were both damaged by the loss of over $1bn from investments, as well as several buyouts that ended in bankruptcy.
  • 1991: Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst: Charles Tate and Jack Furst became partners.
  • 1989: Hicks Muse: Tom Hicks co-founded the new firm with banker John Muse.

Hicks & Haas

  • May.1989: Tom Hicks and Robert Haas went their separate ways.ref
  • 1984: Tom HicksWikipedia-W.svg and Robert Haas formed Hicks & Haas.
  • ^ About Yell: Yell UK history. Yell Ltd. Original archived on Feb.08.2008.