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Yıldız Holding is a Turkish conglomerate operating in 130+ countries, headquartered in Istanbul. The company manufactures food products as well as consumer goods, and has its own retail, private equity and real estate operations. It is amongst the largest food manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Yıldız Holding has 49 product categories, 320 brands and thousands of different products, available in 130+ countries. The company operates through the following divisions:ref

  • Food: link
  • Non-Food: ref
    • Gözde Venture Capital
    • SCa Yıldız Kağıt
    • Aktül Kağıt, manufactures toilet paper from 100% pure cellulose, using Shoe Press technology
  • Wholesale and Retail: link
    • ŞOK Supermarkets
    • Bizim Toptan Wholesale
  • Partnerships. link



100%: The Ülker Family.ref,ref,ref


  • Yıldız Holding AS,[1] [OC], reg. Turkey Flag-Turkey.svg
    •  ??
      • Burlington Biscuits (Cayman) Ltd,[2] reg. Cayman Islands Flag-Cayman-Islands.svg
      • United Biscuits (Equity) Ltd, reg. Cayman Islands Flag-Cayman-Islands.svg
        • United Biscuits Group (Investments) Ltd, OC
          • United Biscuits Finance Ltd, OC
          • Deluxestar Ltd, holdco, OC
            • Solvecorp Ltd, OC
              • Runecorp Ltd, OC
          • McVitie & Price Ltd, OC
            • Finalrealm Ltd, OC
              • United Biscuits (Holdings) Ltd, OC
                • UB Overseas Ltd, OC
                • UB Investments plc, OC
                  • UB Group Ltd, OC
            • United Biscuits (UK) Ltd, OC
              • UB Snackfoods Irelnd Ltd, reg. Ireland
              • United Biscuits Italy Srl, reg. Italy
              • United Biscuits Germany GmbH, reg Germany
    • UMV Global Food Investments Ltd, OC, reg. Jersey Flag-Jersey.svg
      • Pladis Foods Ltd, OC
        • UMV Global Foods Holding Company Ltd, OC
          • UMV Global Foods Company Ltd, OC
            • United Biscuits Luxco SCA, [OC], reg. Luxembourg Flag-Luxembourg.svg
            • United Biscuits Topco Ltd, OC
              • United Biscuits Bondco Ltd, OC
                • United Biscuits VLNCo Ltd, OC
                  • United Bidscuits Holdco Ltd, OC
                    • United Biscuits Holdco 2 Ltd, OC
                      • United Biscuits Bidco Ltd, OC
                        • Regentrealm Ltd, OC
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Pladis Foods Ltd


Pladis's core brand is McVitie’s. The group also makes, markets and distributes other brands, including Ulker and Godiva, Carr’s, BN, Verkade and Go Ahead! Pladis is located across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the USA and Asia Pacific. Products

  • Jan.2016: Yıldız brought together United Biscuits, Ülker, Godiva Chocolatier and DeMet’s Candy Company as one global business under the brand name of "Pladis".
  • 2014: Yildiz acquired United Biscuits.ref

Godiva Chocolatier

Godiva Chocolatier is a renowned Belgian manufacturer of chocolates and related products, founded in 1926 in Brussels, Belgium, by the Draps family. Godiva owns and operates 600+ shops in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia, and is available from 10,000+ speciality retailers.ref

Despite never airing a commercial in its entire history, Godiva is the 2nd-best known chocolate brand, with Ghirardelli and Nestle taking 2nd and 3rd places. Godiva's factory in Brussels undertakes production for the Japanese, European and Pacific markets, output of 6m kg per year. The US factory produces for the American market, output of 8m kg per year.ref

In Feb.2019, it was announced that Asia-Pacific (Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand) retail and distribution licenses for the Godiva chocolate brand had been sold to MBK Partners Ltd, a North Asian private equity buyout firm. Godiva’s Brussels production plant is part of the deal. Yildiz was selling assets under the terms of a $6.5bn loan restructuring agreement. Godiva’s Japan unit is the largest of the businesses up for sale. Proceeds from the sale of the Asian assets will go toward Yildiz Holding’s debt restructuring, and to help Godiva expand in other markets.ref

United Biscuits


Website.arch, Brands History.arch, Short History + Logos, Logopedia, Reports.arch United Biscuits is a British multinational food manufacturer, makers of McVitie's biscuits, Jacob's Cream Crackers, and Twiglets. The company was listed on the London Stock Exchange and was once a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. In November 2014, the company was acquired by Yıldız Holding and is now part of Pladis. United Biscuits is the parent company of McVitie's. McVities brands include Jaffa Cakes, Hobnobs, Rich Tea, Penguin's Jacob's Cream Crackers, Carr's water biscuits,ref Crawford's,ref Meredith and Drew and Go ahead!

  • Nov.2014: Yıldız Holding bought United Biscuits from Blackstone and PAI Partners.ref,ref UB became part of Pladis.ref,ref
  • Dec.2012: KP Snacks Ltd was sold to Intersnack.ref
  • Dec.2006: MidOcean Partners LP sold its stake to Blackstone Group and PAI Partners SAS.ref,ref
  • Oct.2006: Cinven and PAI Partners sold their shareholdings to the Blackstone Group and PAI Partners.ref Completed in Dec.2006.
  • Sept.2006: Completion of sale of UB Southern Europe to Kraft Foods Inc. Jul.2006: United Biscuits sold its Southern European biscuits business to Kraft Foods.ref Kraft exchanged its 25% holding in United Biscuits for the European rights to Nabisco brands such as Oreo cookies, which include UB's canned meat, tomato and fruit juice businesses.ref
  • Feb.2006: Acquisition of the brands Nik Naks and Wheat Crunchies from Golden Wonder
  • Sept.2004: Acquisition of Jacob's Biscuit Group from Danone. Sept.2004: Jacob's Biscuit Group's UK operations was bought from Groupe Danone; brands included Cream Crackers and Twiglets.ref
  • Aug.2004: Sale of Benelux Snacks business to Roger & Roger
  • Aug.2004: Acquisition of Triunfo Productos Alimentares, SA, Portugal
  • Jul.2004: New subsidiary company of UBUK opened in Dublin, Ireland - UB Snackfoods Ireland Ltd.
  • Mar.2002: Completion of sale of United Biscuits (China) Ltd and its subsidiaries to Nabisco.
  • May.2001: Sale of Fazer, Finland to Danone.
  • Mar.2001: Sale of 44% interest in Young’s Bluecrest Seafood Holdings Ltd. Young's Bluecrest was sold to ??, in order to concentrate on the sweet biscuit sector.ref
  • Feb.2001: Sale of San, Poland to Danone.
  • 2001: Cinven (30%), MidOcean Partners LPWikipedia-W.svg (30%), PAI Partners SAS (15%), together with US food giant Kraft Foods Group Inc (25%), bought United Biscuits from Finalrealm.ref,ref
  • Nov.2000: Sale of UB Hungary to Danone.
  • Nov.2000: Sale of UB Malaysia and UB Singapore to Danone.
  • Jul.2000: Acquisition of Nabisco’s European, Middle East and North African businesses (EMENA).
  • Jun.2000: Sale of UB Snack Foods SpA and UB Snack Foods GmbH to Danone. This comprised2000 (July) Acquisition of Nabisco’s European, Middle East and North African businesses (EMENA). UB's Donauwörth factory in Germany and a commercial office in Italy.
  • May.2000: Sale of UB's TUC and Cheddars brands to Danone (Jacob's). Mini-Cheddars excluded from deal.
  • May.2000: Sale of UB Nordic A/S and UB Denmark A/S to Danone.
  • Apr.2000: Finalrealm, a consortium of financial investors including Nabisco Holdings Corporation, acquired United Biscuits, including Nabisco's European businesses.ref
  • Nov.1999: Sale of UB's Grimsby-based chilled fish business to Northern Foods plc. The operation supplied added-value seafood products to Marks & Spencer and Waitrose.
  • Oct.1999: Binding agreement reached with HJ Heinz Company for the sale of UB's frozen and chilled food businesses (excluding chilled fish operation). Regulatory clearance granted in December.
  • Sept.1999: Acquired certain biscuit operations from German confectionery company, Stollwerck. UB received Stollerck's Hungarian biscuit business and appoints Stollwerck as its sales and distribution agent in Germany.
  • 1999: Merger of UB's Young's seafood business with Legal & General Ventures Bluecrest to create the largest seafood business in the UK. UB and LGV (and its associates) each held 44% of equity of the business. Management and other finance providers held the balance.
  • 1998: Acquisition of the Continental European Biscuit Business, Delacre, from the Campbell Soup Company. Delacre had operations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and exports to the USA. Meiji McVitie, UB buys out Meiji's 50% stake of the venture to form a new company, UB Japan Ltd.
  • 1997: Acquisition of the French biscuits business, Biscuiterie Nantaise (BN), from PepsiCo Inc. in exchange for certain continental European snack operations and the sale to PepsiCo Inc of the Smiths Snackfood Company, Australia.
  • Nov.1995: Keebler was sold to Flowers Industries and Artal Luxembourg SA via a leveraged buyout,ref after United Biscuits failed to make headway against Nabisco in the American market.ref
  • 1995: The Original Pretzel Company, Australia.
  • 1994: Further investment in Fazer Biscuits (Finland), taking the investment to 70%; San, a Polish biscuit manufacturer taking investment to 90%; and Nibb-It Snacks, a Dutch snackfood manufacturer.
  • 1993: The Smith's Snackfood Company, Australia's leading snackfood manufacturer incorporating a snacks business in Italy. Derwent Valley Foods, the UK owner of the Phileas Fogg snack brand. Further investment in Oxford Biscuits (Denmark) and Gyori Keksz (Hungary) taking investments to 100%.
  • 1991: Investment in 3 European biscuit companies: Fazer Biscuits (Finland), Oxford Biscuits (Denmark) and Gyori Keksz (Hungary). Joint venture also established in Éire.
  • 1990: Verkade, a leading biscuit and confectionery company in the Netherlands, was acquired.
  • 1988: Ross Young's, a frozen food company, was acquired by United Biscuits from Hanson.ref A 60% stake in United Biscuits China, with a further 30% stake bought in 1991.
  • 1982 Terry's of York, the confectionery company, was acquired. Subsequently sold to Kraft Suchard in 1993.
  • Dec.1976: Wimpy Hamburgers, the fast food restaurant chain, was acquired by Keebler Company, subsidiary of United Biscuits (Holdings) Ltd, from J Lyons & Company. (Wimpy is now owned by South Africa's Famous Brands Ltd,ref,ref,ref,ref
  • 1974: Keebler Company, a US cookie and cracker manufacturer, was acquired with a view to breaking into the American market.
  • 1972: Carr's of Carlisle, makers of Table Water biscuits, was acquired from James Goldsmith's Cavenham Foods.
  • 1968: KP Snacks (Kenyon Son & Craven Ltd) was acquired.
  • 1967: Meredith & Drew, a UK crisp manufacturer, was acquired.
  • 1965: William MacDonald & Sons was acquired, bringing the Penguin brand to the group.
  • 1962: William Crawford & Sons (best known for its shortbread) was acquired by United Biscuits.
  • 1948: United Biscuit Company was formed by a merger of two Scottish family businesses: McVitie & PriceWikipedia-W.svg and MacFarlane Lang.
Sources: United Biscuits.arch


United Biscuits (Holdings) Ltd. manufactures and distributes biscuits, snacks and frozen foods. Brands include McVitie's, Jacob's, Carr's, McCoy's, Hula Hoops, McVitie's Jaffa Cakes, KP, Mini Cheddars, go ahead!, Verkade, Sultana, BN, and Delacre. The company was founded in 1948 and is headquartered in Hayes, the United Kingdom.

  • Nov.2007: Acquired from the Campbell Soup Company.ref Ülker Group's parent company, purchased all international subsidiaries, facilities, commercial patents and all other assets of the renowned Godiva Belgian chocolatier.ref
  • 1990: Godiva began to grow dramatically.
  • 1966: Godiva opened its first boutique in New York.
  • 1966: The Campbell Soup Company bought a 33% shareholding in the company.
  • 1926: Godiva was created by chocolate maker Joseph Daps in Brussels.
  • McVitie's, Website.uk, McVitie'sWikipedia-W.svg

McVitie's story, https://mcvities.co.uk/about; Logos: link, link, link, link

Brands: Boasters, Chocolate Digestives, Club, Cookies, Fruit Shortcake, Jaffa Cakes, Minis, Gems, Ginger Nuts, Gold, Hobnobs, Nibbles, Penguin, Rich Tea, Thins, Victoria Assortments.