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  • Oct.17.2018: Tory MP Craig Mackinlay ‘breached election expenses law to beat Farage’. A Tory MP and his two aides falsely declared expenses and breached campaign spending limits in GE-2015 because they were desperate to ensure that Nigel Farage would not win the seat, a court was told yesterday. The prosecution says that Mr Mackinlay’s election spending was almost double the £52,000 limit in the constituency. "The End Justifies The Means" — so that made it an okay thing to do, then? Will Humphries, The Times.
  • Jan.12.2016: Tories vote down law requiring landlords make their homes fit for human habitation. Labour MP Teresa Pearce's amendment to the Housing and Planning Bill 2016, which would place a duty on landlords to ensure that their properties are fit for habitation when let and remain fit during the course of the tenancy, was defeated by 312 votes to 219. Marcus Jones said the govt believed that homes should be fit for human habitation, but did not want to pass a new law that would explicitly require it. Other ministers claimed the proposal would impose "unnecessary regulation" on landlords, and that it would push up rents. Craig Mackinlay, himself a landlord, was one of those who voted "No". Jon Stone, {{{website}}}.