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Gerard Lyons is a British economist and writer. He is an expert on the world economy, global financial markets and on economic and regulatory policy, focusing on international banking. (WP)

Politics: Dr Gerard Lyons is a strong and enthusiastic supporter of Brexit, and insists that a "Hard Brexit" should really be considered a "Clean Brexit": the UK's membership of the EU is "from an economic and financial perspective not a fortress, but more like a prison. And this is our opportunity to escape".[1]

Media: He has been a frequent speaker at the Legatum Institute. He is a contributor to the pro-Brexit lobby group Brexit Central, the Spectator, Policy Exchange, the Centre for Policy Studies, the Centre for Social Justice and Politeia.

Publications: His eBook, "The UK Referendum: An Easy Guide to Leaving the EU" (Mar.2016) was criticised by Prospect as being "almost childish in its optimism", and "contained errors of judgement — and of fact".[2] Other publications include[3] "The Europe Report: a Win-Win Situation" (2014); "The Global Powerhouse" (2016); "The Consolations of Economics, (2015); co-wrote "Clean Brexit" with Liam Halligan, published by Policy Exchange.


  • ??- Advisory group member at Vivid Economics.[4]
  • Mar.2017- Senior Adviser at Pagefield Communications (lobbying firm).[5]
  • May.2016- Macro-economic Adviser at Netwealth Investments.[6] Senior Economic Advisor to Parker Fitzgerald (financial consultants),[7] Senior Advisor to DealGlobe.
  • ~2014- Economic adviser at Policy Exchange (neoconservative oriented think-tank).[8]
  • Apr.2016 Co-founded Economists for Brexit, now morphed into Economists for Free Trade.
  • ?? Board member of TheCityUK (lobby group for the financial sector), representing City Hall.[9] Recently stepped down (when?).
  • ?? Advisory Council member of Open Europe (pro-reform think tank).
  • ?date- Business Council of Politeia (free-market right-of-centre think tank)
  • 2009-? Vice-Chair of the 48 Group Club (focuses on boosting UK-China business ties)
  • Jan.2013-May.2016 Chief Economic Advisor to Boris Johnson, Mayor of London; advised The Mayor on economic and financial issues facing London, in exchange for less than 30 hrs per week and a salary of £127,200.[10]
  • 2000-2004 Member of the No Campaign that opposed joining the Euro. Adviser to Patrick Minford's Euro Know campaign.
  • Jun.1999-Nov.2012 Joined Standard Chartered Bank; went on to become Chief Economist, Group Head of Global Research, and Economic Advisor to the Board.
  • ??-May.1999 Chief Economist at DKB International plc (currently Mizuho International).
  • date? Chief UK Economist at Swiss Bank Corporation.
  • date? Chief UK economist at Savory Milln (stockbroker).
  • 1985-? Economist at Chase Manhattan Bank.


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