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In Facts

InFacts is a journalistic enterprise making the fact-based case against Brexit.


  • Feb.10.2018: George Soros is acting against the ‘spirit of the law’ with his plans to sabotage Brexit, says former chancellor Lord Lamont. Foreign donors were banned from funding sides during referendum campaign. Lamont argues that international donors like George Soros should 'keep away', at least while the deal that will implement Britain’s Brexit decision is worked out. And he also criticised Tory MPs for supporting a pro-EU parliamentary group. The APPG on EU Relations is co-chaired by Remain backer Anna Soubry and its aims have been supported by other MPs. The APPG has been supported to the tune of up to £21,000 by Best for Britain, a group which is seeking a second referendum or a general election. The group admits its campaign for a new referendum could cause Theresa May's govt to fall. Best of Britain has, in turn, been pledged almost £400,000 from Mr Soros. Mr Soros has pledged a total of more than £700,000 to groups working to water down or block Brexit. Tory Leave supporter Nadine Dorries demanded that Remainers from her party distance themselves from Best for Britain. the group is planning a marketing blitz aimed at persuading MPs and the public to reject Mrs May’s eventual Brexit deal. The aim of the plot, as reportedly outlined by its chairman Lord Malloch-Brown at a dinner last week. The APPG’s activities have also received the support of Europhile Conservatives Ken Clarke and Antoinette Sandbach. Its co-chairmen are former Labour leadership contender Chuka Umunna, Liberal Democrat deputy leader Jo Swinson, Green leader Caroline Lucas and Miss Soubry. The APPG took between £1,500 and £3,000 from the European Movement. The APPG also received between £3,000 and £4,500 from anti-Brexit group Open Britain for media management and research support. Daily Mail Online, Daniel Martin
  • Feb.05.2018: Chukka Umunna speaking on Twitter (Video). What is the new anti-hard Brexit Grassroots Coordinating Group and what comes next? Here's my explanation of the new coalition of activists and parliamentarians fighting for the public's right to have the final say on the Brexit deal. @ChukaUmunna, '
  • Feb.02.2018: Pro-EU campaign groups join forces to fight against hard Brexit. 'Nine campaign groups which want the closest possible links with the EU are to join forces in order to mount a more effective attack on Theresa May’s plans for a hard Brexit. The Grassroots Coordinating Group will play a crucial role in lobbying MPs before Parliament votes on the withdrawal agreement this autumn. David Icke's blog, Jaymie Icke
  • Feb.02.2018: Why Remainers are increasingly hopeful of stopping Brexit. Britain’s pro-Europeans now believe, as one senior MP put it, that “the wind is in our sails.” The creation of a new anti-Brexit umbrella group (the Grassroots Coordinating Group), led by Chuka Umunna and representing 500,000 members, both reflects and reinforces this shift. New Statesman, George Eaton
  • Feb.02.2018: UK's europhile campaigners up pressure on Brexit. Pro-European British campaign groups announced plans on Friday to coordinate efforts to keep close ties with the EU after Brexit and even stop the process by holding a fresh vote. Expatica, '
  • Feb.01.2018: Pro-EU campaign groups join forces to fight against hard Brexit. Labour MP Chuka Umunna to chair umbrella group of nine organisations mounting collective push for close links to Europe. The Independent, Andrew Grice