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The Freedom Association is an extreme neo-liberal outfit, which first emerged in the 1970s as the National Association for Freedom (NAFF), before they found out what this word meant. They stand for privatising everything that ain’t nailed down, ending the welfare state and banning trade unions. They were involved in trying to break a number of strikes in the 1970s. Worse, they also gave their support to the various South and Central American Fascist dictators and their death squads in the 1980s, even inviting one of them to come to one of their dinners as a guest of honour. They also supported South African Conservatives, who defended Apartheid.Guy Debord’s Cat has run a series of articles on this organisation and its squalid history, if you want further information., Jun.09.2016 >

Founded in 1975 as the National Association for Freedom by Viscount De L'IsleWikipedia-W.svg with Norris and Ross McWhirter, the Freedom Association (as it was renamed in 1978) put an increasing focus on the threat to freedom posed by the EU in the early 1990s after the signing of the Maastricht Treaty. Once a putative European Constitution was on the table in 2006, TFA Director Simon Richards established a specific campaign, #Better Off Out, to make the case for withdrawal and act as a rallying point for MPs who were supportive of that position, initially headed up by Mark Wallace and latterly overseen by Rory Broomfield.
At first it attracted the support of only half a dozen Tory MPs and the eurosceptic Labour MP Austin Mitchell, and Lord Tebbit became its Patron, but in the ensuing years DUP MPs and other Tories signed up. Once it was clear an EU referendum was on the cards, the Freedom Association campaigned hard for Brexit, distributed millions of pieces of literature, and during the campaign proper TFA and Better Off Out debated at approximately 100 meetings across the UK. The 50 Groups Behind Brexit. Jonathan Isaby & Matthew Elliott, BrexitCentral, Mar.18.2017.

Andrew Allison

  • Jan.25.2018: It's Time To End This Farce. Conservative MPs Need To Start Writing More "Dear Sir Graham" letters. I don’t really care who replaces May. I’ve had enough. May rolls over and doesn’t stand up for herself, and, more importantly, the country. She is too willing to give into the EU’s demands and then comes unstuck. (etc). Andrew Allison.

Better Off Out

The 'Better Off Out' campaign was launched in 2006 and is The Freedom Association's longest running campaign. The campaign has always sought to explain and argue the positive reasons why the UK should leave the European Union. We are now making sure that the wishes of the majority of voters expressed in the biggest plebiscite in the history of the UK, are fulfilled. ref


  • Dec.19.2015: The Freedom Association. The main purpose is to campaign for greater legal freedoms for financial gangsters. It wants even fewer legal restrictions on banks and financial institutions so they can more freely exploit and steal. TFA casts doubt on the existence of man-made climate change – in order to support the fossil fuel industries, is a keen supporter of the welfare system for the arms industry and wants the UK to leave the EU. There is a stench of UKIP wafting throughout. {Simon Richards, Rory Broomfield, Andrew Allison, Alex Deane, Roger Helmer, Daniel Hannan} DuckSoap, '