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Daniel Hannan MEP for the South East England region, and has spent 30+ years working for Brexit. He is president of the Initiative for Free Trade, formerly known as the "Institute for Free Trade", a hard-right lobby group which is a member of the USA's Atlas Network.

Daniel Hannan founded a Campaign for an Independent Britain whilst at Oxford (circa 1991/2). Membership included Nicky Morgan, who later served in David Cameron and Theresa May’s Cabinets, and Hannan’s old school friend Mark Reckless, who has switched between UKIP and the Conservative party during his subsequent political career.


  • Apr.17.2019: Brexit. Vote Conservative in the European elections to help us deliver it – and finish the job. Until now, the Conservatives have had resources – human and financial – to fight campaigns. This time, we have no budget and many of our activists are on strike. The European election could mark the moment when ... the Conservative Party ceases to be viable. I have spent 30 years working to restore our national independence. I’m not prepared to drop out now, not when we are so close to success. Please – give us the support we need to get the job finished. Daniel Hannan, Conservative Home.
  • Feb.06.2019: ‘A special place in hell’: which Brexiters did Tusk have in mind? The Eurosceptic Conservative MEP and “Brexit brain” has long been painting a rose-tinted picture of Britain’s departure from the EU radically at odds with what has transpired since the vote. In May 2015, for example, Hannan promised that nobody, “absolutely nobody, is talking about threatening our place in the single market”. Without the UK’s contributions to the EU budget, he was explaining a few months later, “we could give everyone a 60% council tax cut”. Jon Henley, The Guardian.
  • Dec.13.2018: Daniel Hannan's MEP group told to repay €535,000 in EU funds. Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe, co-founded by the Tories and led by Brexit campaigner and MEP Daniel Hannan, is accused of hosting luxury events of little relevance to EU. The group will be denied a further €187,245, which had been withheld pending investigation. The European parliament’s top leaders rejected the group’s defence in a closed-door meeting on Monday night. The bureau of presidents, led by the European parliament president, Antonio Tajani, agreed without discussion that Acre should repay the sum. The Alliance for Conservatives and Reformists in Europe has had several name changes since it was founded in 2009-10, after the Conservative leader David Cameron pulled his party out of Europe’s mainstream centre-right groups. Conservative party insiders insist Acre is a separate organisation, yet one source told the Guardian that a four-figure sum was deducted from British MEPs’ allowances to support the group. Jennifer Rankin, The Guardian.
  • May.10.018: For partisan advantage, Labour demands a worst-of-all-worlds Brexit. ... I was not prepared to end up with absolutely the most harmful outcome imaginable, namely leaving the Single Market while keeping the Customs Union. Yet Labour is now in the bizarre position of demanding this worst-of-all-worlds outcome. Labour is cynically pushing what it knows to be a terrible idea, not because it aims for a better Brexit, but because it sees a chance to discomfit the govt. It’s clear enough what Labour’s game is. It is focused on trying to defeat, or even bring down, the govt, and will back any Brexit proposal, however preposterous, that might advance that objective. Daniel Hannan, Conservative Home.
  • Jul.18.2017: The curious case of MEP Daniel Hannan and the mysterious country walks. In one of the more bizarre developments of silly season 2017, it has emerged that Daniel Hannan, the Conservative MEP and author of Brexit manifesto "What Next", shared stock images of Wales and the US while claiming to be walking in the English countryside. Mr Hannan wrote on Twitter some months later that he was walking in the Home Counties and enjoying the scenery. “And then, suddenly, the dandelions. Ah, the sweet sounds and sights of summer and the sun,” he wrote above an image of a field filled with dandelions. The tweet has since been deleted. This image is actually of a field in Barre, Vermont, has been taken by a professional photographer. Pascale Hughes, iNews.
  • Sept.29.2016: The man who brought you Brexit. Britain’s vote to leave the EU was the grand finale of a 25-year campaign by a lonely sect of true believers. Daniel Hannan wrote the script. It was Hannan, in 2012, who asked Matthew Elliott, the founder of the Taxpayers' Alliance, to set up the embryonic campaign group that later became Vote Leave. The ERG published a paper "The Euro: bad for business", written by Mark Reckless, and Hannan organised two conferences on the subject before helping to establish Business for Sterling, a single-issue pressure group to fight what was, at the time, a widely-expected referendum. Business for Sterling set the template... Excellent time-line of the ERG in this article. Sam Knight, The Guardian.
  • Sept.17.2015: Daniel Hannan MEP: Corbyn was the only moderate among the Labour leadership candidates – on the EU. On at least one issue, Jeremy Corbyn was the only moderate among the four Labour leadership contenders. He wanted to assess the outcome of the EU renegotiation before deciding which way to vote – a position that aligned him with majorities of Labour and Conservative supporters. ... Yet, oddly, it’s my position that, at least in the BBC’s discourse, is considered doctrinaire. When, say, Chuka Umunna declares that we must stay in at any price, he’s considered mainstream. When Jeremy Corbyn says we should assess the pros and cons, he’s considered mad. Daniel Hannan, Conservative Home.
  • Aug.23.2000: Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen? Article basically pushing "No" to the UK joining the Euro. The Telegraph, Daniel Hannan
  • Jul.24.2000: Hague in trouble as MEP backs Danish 'no' campaign from central office. A Tory Euro-MP based at central office has placed himself in charge of fund-raising for the British end of the Danish "no" campaign. Daniel Hannan, MEP for south-east England, raised the money after sending out emails to sympathisers. In the email, he asks for cheques to be sent to a postal box number which is registered at his address in Marsham Court, round the corner from central office, where Mr Hague has given Mr Hannan an office for use when he is in London. The Guardian, Nicholas Watt
  • Apr.04.2009: Rally Against Debt shows cuts are ideological. The Taxpayers' Alliance-backed rally exposes Cameron and Clegg's rhetoric as no more than nauseating bedside manner. Those of us who have known all along that these cuts are purely ideological have finally had it confirmed by the sudden emergence of a group intent not only on cheerleading for the cuts, but on staging a march and rally for them as well, and by a Tory minister going decidedly off script. The TaxPayers' Alliance is backing the "Rally Against Debt", as is the Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan who, much to the embarrassment of David Cameron and Andrew Lansley, appeared on Fox news during the US healthcare debate and revealed what the Tories really think of the NHS. One of the main "brains" on the Rad organising committee is former Ukip press officer Annabelle Fuller. Hannan video is here. Cath Elliott, The Guardian.