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  • Jan.04.2019: Dominic Cummings: brilliant eccentric or evil genius? Man at the centre of Brexit TV drama is a political strategist like no other, says its writer. When Dominic Cummings found out he was to be the central character in a high-profile TV thriller about the Brexit campaign, he was suspicious... Frances Perraudin, The Guardian.
  • May.17.2018: Vote Leave strategist refuses to appear before MPs in fake news inquiry. The chief strategist of the Vote Leave campaign has refused to appear in front of MPs, risking possible censure from the House of Commons but also raising questions about what more can be done when a witness ignores the will of parliament. Dominic Cummings, who has been credited as the brains behind the successful Brexit campaign, told the digital, culture, media and sport committee investigating fake news that he would not be willing to answer questions in public before the Electoral Commission finishes its ongoing investigation into his campaign. The digital, culture, media and sport committee said this was not a valid excuse and issued a formal summons through parliament’s serjeant-at-arms, demanding that Cummings appear before it by the end of May. Cummings rejected this summons, angering MPs on the committee who wanted to ask questions about the use of Facebook data during the EU referendum campaign. Cummings published a blog this week in which he explained his decision, saying lawyers had told him to “keep my trap shut” until the Electoral Commission completes its investigation into Vote Leave this summer. However, the refusal raises questions about the system of compelling reluctant witnesses to appear in front of parliament. It is the second time this week that a potential witness has turned down a formal summons to answer questions from MPs, after Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg turned down a request from the same committee. Hannah White, of the Institute for Government, a thinktank, has previously said there are serious risks in issuing such summons if they are ignored. “Every time everyone observers the emperor has no clothes, in that parliament can’t force people to come, they lose a little bit of their authority.” Jim Waterson, The Guardian.
  • Mar.22.2018: The ties that bind Canadian data firm AIQ to Leave campaign in EU referendum. The mystery of how Vote Leave even found AIQ, a firm with just 20 staff that operated 2,300 miles away out of a cramped office above an opticians in the provincial Canadian city of Victoria, was raised by the Observer in May.2017. Dom Cummings, chief strategist for Vote Leave, said that he found the firm "on the internet". But cached searches show that AIQ had no internet presence at that time and a new source within Vote Leave has now come forward to say that Cummings had full knowledge of the connections between the two firms. Carole Cadwalladr, Mark Townsend, The Guardian.
  • Oct.03.2016: Iain Dale's 100 most influential people on the Right. Former Communications Director, Vote Leave. Cummings played a key role in Vote Leave and retains his reputation as a brilliant campaigning strategist, even if he is reviled by large parts of the centre right. It will be interesting to see what his next move is. Iain Dale, Conservative Home.