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  • In GE-2015 election, Tory minister Eric Pickles warned that an energy price cap would lead to energy shortages and power blackouts. ref
  • Pickles, the incoming Secretary of State responsible for the Audit Commission, instructed a small group of civil servants to establish how the Commission could be abolished and how this proposal could best be presented. From this developed one of the most prominent storylines within the pro-abolition discourse coalition Excellent discourse on the importance of language, and the pattern and evolution of storylines: "Talk frames an issue". Abolishing the Audit Commission: Framing, Discourse Coalitions and Administrative Reform, 2015


  • Jun.09.2018: How politics works. 2015: Sir Eric Pickles tells The Spectator that he has no interest in going to the House of Lords. “Get a grip on yourself,” he tells the interviewer. 2018: Sir Eric “very pleased” to become Baron Pickles. Atticus: Roland White, The Times.
  • Oct.02.2017: Iain Dale’s 100 most influential people on the Right 2017. Former Party Chairman. Eric Pickles stood down at the election, which is a shame as he is someone respected on all sides of the Party. He is the co-author of the party inquest into the election result, and I will be interested to see if Sir Eric has learned the art of caveating. Let’s hope not, and he says it how it is, because the Party as a whole deserves better than a whitewash. Iain Dale, Conservative Home.
  • Sept.10.2017: European Research Group - Who’s In It. The Young Britons' Foundation reservss a special award, the Golden Dolphin, for those who merit particular admiration for their courage and leadership: Eric Pickles, for proudly standing by the Young Britons' Foundaton in its darkest hours and for his dedication to Thatcherite principles in public office. Tim Fenton, Zelo Street.
  • Aug.13.2010: Audit watchdog axed by Pickles in austerity drive. Commission accused of 'shocking excesses' and staff told to form company to bid for contracts. The Audit Commission, the independent spending watchdog tasked with scrutinising local govt, became the highest-profile victim of the govt's austerity drive tonight as Eric Pickles, the Communities secretary, announced that he was scrapping it. The commission, which cost £200m a year to run and which was key to uncovering the scandal at Shirley Porter's Westminster council in the 1980s, had the job of overseeing how local govt and the NHS in England spends £200bn. Pickles' explained he was closing the watchdog down on account of a decade of "shocking excess". Pickles said the commission's responsibilities for inspecting local govt would pass to the National Audit Office, but private companies would now be invited to bid to carry out audits in order to drive down costs. John Denham, shadow local govt secretary, admitted he had been trying to reform the quango but that it shouldn't be abolished. Instead he described the move as "a determined attempt to ensure that taxpayers have no coherent information about the value for money of local services". Allegra Stratton, Damien Pearse, The Guardian.