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HSBC Holdings is a multinational financial services holding company. Its activities are organised into 4 business groups:[2018]

  • 48.5%: Retail banking and Wealth management: sales of classical and specialized banking products and services (consumer loans, leasing, factoring, private card management, etc.) and wealth management;
  • 32.7%: Commercial banking;
  • 16.1%: Investment, financing and market banking: operations on the capital markets, operations on rates, change rates and natural resources, merger and acquisition consulting, initial public offerings, capital investment, specialised and unionised financing solutions, etc.;
  • 2.9%: Private banking. MarketScreener, HSBA

Corporate Political Engagement Rating:[1] Transparency International    B  

BankTrack-Fossil-Bank.svg Financing Fossil Fuels:[2]
 Tar Sands: $231m   Arctic Oil: $297m   Offshore: $4.53bn   Fracking: $2.05bn   LNG Export: $505m   Coal Mining: $139m   Coal Power: $845m 

HSBC owns and operates M&S Bank.



Total float: 98.1%
Source: MarketScreener.svg, Mar.2020

Conservative Party Funding

See also Cameron-Clegg Ministry

HSBC Bank plc


HSBC Bank plc provides banking and financial services. The Bank offers personal and business banking, home loans, borrowing, investments, insurance, non-resident services, and online banking services. HSBC Bank serves clients globally. , History, CH, Reports
HSBC Bank plc is one of the major clearing banks in the UK. The business ranges from the traditional High Street roles of personal finance and commercial banking, to private banking and consumer finance, as well as corporate and investment banking.

HSBC Global Asset Management (UK) Ltd

The usual: "we offer investment expertise for sovereign wealth funds, central banks and supranations. Discretionary, advisory or execution-only solutions... research and investment resources and specialised capabilities..."


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Midland Bank plc

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  • Mar.1977: Thomas Cook Group Ltd, a worldwide travel service, was wholly acquired when Midland purchased the 29.7% it did not already own from Forte Ltd, the British hotel company (23%), and the Automobile Association of Britain (6.7%).ref

Crédit Commercial de France

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  • 2001: Banque Hervet was acquired.
  • Nov.2005: HSBC France: CCF was rebranded, along with its subsidiary companies UBP, Banque de Picardie and Banque Hervet.
  •  ??.2000: Banque Pelletier acquired.
  • Jul.2000: HSBC Holdings plc acquired Crédit Commercial de France, enabling HSBC to establish itself in France, and to be listed on the Paris Stock Exchange.
  • 1987: Banque Delort, a Crédit Commercial de France subsidiary, was sold to Auchan Holding, a large French retail group 95% owned by the Mulliez family.ref


  • Aug.28.2020: Hong Kong media firm Next Digital executives say HSBC has frozen their bank, credit card accounts. “HSBC has reportedly prevented Hong Kong-based executives at Next Media, a well-known publisher of pro-democracy publications, from accessing their credit cards and personal bank accounts. The bank is thus maintaining accounts for individuals who have been sanctioned for denying freedom to HongKongers, while shutting accounts of those seeking freedom.” Denise Tsang, Danny Mok, South China Morning Post..
  • Mar.31.2018: HSBC is investigated over £134m ‘tax evasion’ scheme. HSBC has been embroiled in a criminal investigation into a £134m suspected tax evasion scheme created by the bank. Three former employees at HSBC’s London office have been interviewed under caution for their role in devising a tax scheme that sought to help wealthy backers save £million in tax. HSBC earned fees of about £2 million for licensing the scheme, which involved the sale of film rights, to the finance company Zeus Partners in 2008. Tag: Crown Prosecution Service (see Comments). Billy Kenber, The Times.
  • Jan.28.2018: Watch: HSBC and The Revolving Door. We caught up with HSBC Whistleblower Nicholas Wilson after a Parliamentary debate to find out more about HSBC’s recent hires from the police force, and Amber Rudd’s brother. Real Media News.
  • Jan.26.2018: Watch NetFlix Dirty Money "Cartel Bank". And remember the woman who was charged with stopping the crimes was head of BBC and is now a Baroness and International Trade Minister in the UK. @MrEthical, Twitter.
  • Jan.18.2018: Ex-Head Met Police. works for HSBC. Ex-Head City Police fraud dept works for HSBC. Ex-head MI5 works for HSBC. Ex Chair of HSBC works for govt. Ex head BBC & HSBC director, works for govt. Ex chair HSBC Private Bank works for government. Ex Ambassdor KSA works for HSBC. @MrEthical, Twitter.
  • Jan.20.2016: The BBC is run by HSBC. Nicholas Wilson, Mr Ethical blog.

(The HSBC files revealed organised tax evasion.)


  1. ^ Corporate Political Engagement Index 2018. The new index of 104 multi-national companies, many of whom regularly meet with govt, has found nearly 75% are failing to adequately disclose how they engage with politicians. Only one company received the highest grade, with the average grade being "E" – representing poor standards in transparency. Transparency International UK, Nov.2018.
  2. ^ Banking on Climate Change: Fossil Fuel Finance Report 2020. The new Report shows financial support for the Fossil Fuel Industry has increased every year since the Paris Agreement was adopted in Dec.2015. Again, the big USA banks dominate; again, JPMorgan Chase leads the pack, with Wells Fargo, Citigroup, and Bank of America close on their heels. These 4 banks alone are responsible for 30% of all fossil fuel financing out of the 35 major global banks since the Paris Agreement was adopted. Rainforest Action Network, Mar.20.2019.