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  • Jun.02.2018: David Miliband: I would join any campaign against any Brexit deal. The former foreign secretary says there should be a second vote on Brexit. David Miliband has said he would take part in any campaign to vote against the terms of any Brexit deal but has no plans to return to the cut and thrust of UK politics. Miliband, who has been based in New York as president of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) since 2013, is still seen as a future leader of the Labour party and has never categorically ruled it out. “David Cameron became the leading cheerleader of the remain side, but he had spent the previous 20 years attacking the European Union,” said Miliband. He criticised Theresa May for not setting up a cross-party coalition to campaign to get the best outcome for the UK but also said it was not enough for the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, to stand aside and “let events take their course.” Mark Brown, The Guardian.