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The Free Enterprise Group is a leading association of free-market orientated Conservative Members of Parliament. Convened by James Cleverly MP, FEG seeks to restate the importance of liberal and practical free enterprise values against the backdrop of a significant loss of confidence in free market economics following the banking failures of the late 2000s. Founded by the Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss MP, now Secretary of State for Justice, FEG is supported by over 40 MPs who want to put free enterprise at the heart of the Conservative Party.

The group’s objectives are to: (ref)

  • Encourage a competitive and free economic environment
  • Raise the global economic standing of the United Kingdom
  • Challenge monopolies and oligopolies
  • Free individuals to create, innovate and take risks


The FEG is also closely connected to the tobacco industry and Priti Patel, who once worked for public relations outfit Weber-Shandwick, lobbied on behalf of British American Tobacco (BAT) before entering the Commons.,


The website no longer features a list of members (how odd); but the last snapshot on Jun.20.2018 shows the following:



The FEG gets its administrative support from the Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA),