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UKIP is a hard Eurosceptic, right to far-right political party, founded in 1993 by members of the Anti-Federalist LeagueWikipedia-W.svg with the principle aim of securing UK withdrawal from the EU, although in its earliest years it failed to make much of an electoral impact, being eclipsed in particular at GE-1997 by the Referendum PartyWikipedia-W.svg. However, by 1999 it was in a position to win 7% of the vote at the European Parliament elections, when the newly-introduced regional list system of PR delivered the party its first 3 MEPs, including a former City trader by the name of Nigel Farage. The party’s support and influence has grown since then, with the often controversial Farage taking the reins as leader in 2006, and retaining that role on-and-off for most of the ensuing decade.

By 2009, UKIP had evolved to a point where it would come second at that year’s European election and it won nearly 1m votes at GE-2010. Many of its supporters were disgruntled ex-Conservatives who were unimpressed at that party’s failure to take a sufficiently robust line in opposition to the EU. UKIP succeeded in pushing concerns about the EU higher up the political agenda, and arguably their biggest impact was to pressure the Conservatives – and David Cameron in particular – into pledging an In/Out referendum on Britain’s membership in 2013. Even then, UKIP's support continued to grow, causing a profound political shock by topping the poll at the 2014 European Election and winning the votes of nearly 4m people at GE-2015, virtually all of whom will have been persuaded to vote Leave at the referendum.

Elected Representatives


Carl Benjamin

  • Apr.28.2019: Now UKIP candidate who said he 'wouldn't even rape' a Labour MP says it's OK to sexually abuse boys. A senior Ukip source passed a dossier to Wiltshire police in Autumn 2018. It includes a YouTube broadcast in which Mr Benjamin says: ‘I can be quoted as saying you can f*** young boys. The documents also include a racist pornographic tweet Benjamin posted showing a white woman having sex with three black men, under which he wrote: ‘So this is your sister.’ Glen Owen, Mail on Sunday.

Henry Bolton

Mike Hookem

Jane Collins

Gerard Batten


  • Sept.14.2020: New UKIP Leader Neil Hamilton Thinks Climate Change is a 'Hoax'. Former Tory MP and prominent climate science denier Neil Hamilton has been appointed UKIP’s interim leader. A member of the Welsh Parliament and its Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee,[1] Hamilton last year branded global warming “another age of fad and fancy” and claimed there was “no correlation” between carbon dioxide and global temperature rise. Hamilton, 71, is the party’s 7th leader in four years after Freddy Vachha was suspended only three months into the role. Phoebe Cook, DeSmogUK.
  • May.17.2018: UKIP ousts Neil Hamilton as Welsh Assembly leader. Former Tory MP Neil Hamilton has been ousted as leader of the UKIP group at the Welsh Assembly after an often controversial two years. Hamilton was chosen as leader in 2016 when UKIP won 7 seats at the Assembly elections. He promised to use his experience as Westminster minister to give UKIP maximum impact and shake up the Senedd. Tension has grown in the group after UKIP AM Michelle Brown was excluded from the Welsh Assembly without pay for a week over a racial slur she made against a Labour MP. Hamilton resisted the suspension, accusing Assembly members of trying to police each other’s private lives. Hamilton is replaced by Caroline Jones, an Assembly member for south-west Wales. Steven Morris, The Guardian.
  • Jan.27.2018: Banks Says Join Tories - 'COS UKIP’S BUST. UKIP backer Arron Banks, another whose supposed wealth may not be quite as grand as he would like everyone to believe, decided to have an “Oh What A Giveaway” moment and let the cat out of the bag in no style at all, confirming the money had run out. Tim Fenton, Zelo Street.
  • Jan.26.2018: Bad development for @UKIP. @Arron_Banks has emailed all @LeaveEUOfficial members urging them to quit UKIP and join the Tories to influence the Brexit negotiations. @OwenJBennett, Twitter.
  • Jan.20.2018: UKIP - Beginning Of The End. Too skint to hold another leadership election, membership numbers in freefall, and with the departure of Jonathan Arnott, another MEP lost, UKIP faces that final curtain. Tim Fenton, Zelo Street.
  • Jan.17.2018: UKIP "is on the brink of bankruptcy. Party faces fresh crisis as senior party figures demand radical cost-cutting to keep it afloat. UKIP's recent accounts show it was £380,630 in debt before last year’s election. Party’s MEPs Stuart Agnew and Bill Etheridge have planned proposals for change. They warned: radical structural change and control of expenses will save UKIP. John Stevens, TheDaily Mail.


  • Oct.30.2017: UKIP whistleblowers raised fears about Breitbart influence on Brexit. Two UKIP whistleblowers filed complaints to the Electoral Commission over fears the party was making “unusual arrangements” with pro-Trump website Breitbart before the EU referendum. The concerns included allegations that individuals paid by Breitbart were working as senior unpaid UKIP volunteers. The Electoral Commission referred the complaints to the Metropolitan police, who decided to take no further action. Separately, Labour MP Ben Bradshaw called on the govt to investigate the possible role “dark money” played in the EU referendum, including concerns of foreign interference in the Jun.23 vote. Steve Bannon, who has a close relationship with former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, served as executive chair of Breitbart at the time. Multiple sources said that they were alarmed by what they viewed as a “deliberate strategy” by Breitbart to wield influence over UKIP in ways that emphasised views against migrants and other far-right positions. Sources pointed to Farage’s close relationship with Bannon and Breitbart, and work that was performed by lawyer Matthew Richardson, who served as UKIP's party secretary and was close to Bannon. Richardson suggested in late 2014 that ahead of GE-2015 UKIP could make use of the services of US-based electoral data company Voter Gravity, that would not have to be paid for by UKIP and would be provided as a donation-in-kind. Raheem Kassam was also seen as a link between UKIP and Breitbart. Stephanie Kirchgaessner, Nick Hopkins, The Guardian.

  • Oct.18.2017: Fines issued by Electoral Commission for breaches of campaign finance rules. The Commission has fined UKIP £1,000 for delivering one of its weekly donations and loans reports late in the run up to GE-2017. Electoral Commission.

  • May.14.2017: UKIP's general secretary Matthew Richardson, also happens to be the Mercers' lawyer. Andy Wigmore also said that Mercer had been "happy to help" and that Cambridge Analytica had given its services to the campaign for free. It was UKIP's general secretary, lawyer Matthew Richardson, who introduced CA. Wigmore said "We had a guy called Matthew Richardson who'd known Nigel Farage for a long time, and he's always looked after the Mercers. The Mercers had said that here's this company that we think might be useful." @CaroleCadwalla, Twitter.


  • Jul.2015: Former MEP Ashley Mote jailed over expenses fraud. Ashley Mote, former UKIP MEP, was sentenced to 5 years in jail. He was convicted of 12 charges in May; the offences included fraud, acquiring criminal property and false accounting, between Nov.2004–Jul.2010. BBC News.


  • ^ Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee. Senedd Cymru. Accessed Sept.18.2020.